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How to Get a Trainee Visa to US

The United States will issue atrainee visa to US for those living outside of the US to obtain on-the job training through a company operating in America. While in training, those issued this type of visa can only work for the company that they are training through. Employment is only available during this training in the field trained for. The main purpose for the trainee visa to US is to receive the training and return home to pursue a career using their training. The visa is good for up to two years but can be extended if needed.

Schengen Visa Countries List


First, it’s important to know what type of training would be considered acceptable in obtaining a trainee visa to US- finance, government, agriculture, communications, and other fields that cover almost everything except medical training.

The training cannot be offered in the recipients’ home country and this is why they are seeking to come to the US. The training should also be deemed necessary in the path to achieve a degree in a particular field.

A recipient can receive as many trainee visa to US as desired or required in order to receive all the necessary training to obtain a job. Coming from another country, a recipient can continue to stay in the US as long as they have applied and been approved for a visa. Dependants such as the spouse and children that are under the age of twenty-one can live in the United States under the same visa however they cannot work on this type of visa status. Training can assist in obtaining employment such as educating children that have some type of disability; emotional, mental, or physical. The visa is valid for up to eighteen months unless other trainee visa to US is applied for and granted.

Are you Eligible?

The application process is not short so if you are interested in some type of training only offered in the US, you may want to prepare yourself for the right amount of paper work.

Applicants must prove that the training is going to benefit them in some way when pursuing a career. Employment is not an option unless it is a part of the training. If there are any questions regarding the training process, requirements, or eligibility it’s important to go online and take the trainee visa to US assessment.

If you need you can always check with an immigration attorney and see if it meets your requirement. The immigration attorneys are knowledgeable about the recent regulations and changes about trainee visas and other visa requirements. They’ll be able to assist you better and help you with all aspects of applying for the visa. In addition, there are numerous proofs that you need to attach before you can file the petition for gaining the visa. Immigration attorneys have helped thousands of people and are conversant with the process and government agencies, which makes them in the right position to assist you for a fee.

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