Lewis Hamilton runs away with Monza pole position Lewis Hamilton runs away with Monza pole position
- September 04, 2016

The British defending world champion, who started from the back of the grid at Spa last weekend, is joined on the front row by team-mate and title rival Nico Rosberg . "The vehicle feels good, but we need to make it feel good in every corner". Daniel Ricciardo finished seventh for Red Bull , 1.7s off the lead and half a second off the nearest Ferrari. (more...)
LG V20 to adopt Google's new In Apps search function
- September 02, 2016

Google says that the feature works entirely locally, so you don't need a data or Wi-Fi connection to use it - and your results won't be beamed to the cloud. The new search mode can be accessed through the Google search app once it has been updated to the latest version. Want to check off items on your grocery list? For now though, you can access In App search right now in the Google App, check it out and see what you think. (more...)
Super Mario Maker is headed to the Nintendo 3DS
- September 02, 2016

Biggest news is of course a new Aolola form Rattata, with the typing dark/normal (top percentage of course!). You might think that's not really up to much, but it's become a hugely popular game for the Wii U and revitalised Super Mario for a new generation. (more...)
Acer announces four new Spin series laptops
- September 02, 2016

Taking its Predator line-up even further ahead in PC gaming, Acer also launched what it claims to be the world's first curved screen gaming notebook - the Predator 21 X. Its MediaTek M8173C CorePilot quad-core processor helps deliver approx 12 hours of battery life. The Swift 7 will launch in Europe in October for £1,299. (more...)
Google Nexus 5 & HTC One M7 Receives Android Nougat Update! Google Nexus 5 & HTC One M7 Receives Android Nougat Update!
- September 02, 2016

So far, the speculations on Google Nexus Phone 2016 have been around its specs and release date. Which is something Google did in the early days of Android, as there's an HTC Magic in my sock drawer that has "with Google " branding on the back of it. (more...)
Instagram finally lets you zoom in on pictures and videos Instagram finally lets you zoom in on pictures and videos
- September 02, 2016

The unique design to examine photos was to get a screenshot of an Instagram post and zoom on the edge of the photo-sharing program. Nonetheless, we will definitely keep you guys posted on the subject. What's New In This Version: ● Capture better photos and videos in the dark. If you're not an iOS user, though, you can still see how the new feature will look when it's available for your device. (more...)
Samsung officially announces Galaxy Note 7
- September 01, 2016

Rumours are suggesting the Note 7 will cost around £750 and if this is true it will be one of the most expensive on the market. For a quick refresher, the Galaxy Note7 skips Qualcomm's brand spankin' new Snapdragon 821 SoC and instead uses the tried and true Snapdragon 820 with Adreno 530 graphics, though there will also be an Exynos powered version, depending on the region. (more...)
Mexican singer Juan Gabriel dies of heart attack aged 66
- September 01, 2016

Although a heart attack is the suspected cause of death, Juan's body is now with the L.A. county Medical Examiner for further examination of what led to his sudden passing. "His music is a legacy for the world", Peña Nieto tweeted . He was due to sing at a concert in El Paso, Texas, later on Sunday. He was born in the western state of Michoacan. (more...)
Griffin brings Bluetooth to headphones with 3.5mm jacks Griffin brings Bluetooth to headphones with 3.5mm jacks
- September 01, 2016

Fortunately, there is a solution other than plunking down the cash for a new pair of wireless headphones: an adapter like Griffin's new iTrip Clip Bluetooth audio adapter. Do you have a pair of premium headphones you can not connect via an adaptor to your smartphone? - or do you have a smartphone (Moto Z series) that has done away from a headphone jack? Griffin says the Clip's battery will get six hours of talk time, and that it'll keep a connection from 30 feet away. (more...)
Djokovic sings at US Open Djokovic sings at US Open
- August 31, 2016

He hit second serves in the low 80s miles per hour. He flexed that right arm, the one he has used to wield a racquet on the way to his 12 grand slam titles, and appeared generally unhappy. The bad news for Nadal? "Probably played the best return game I played all match", Isner said. "So I need to find again the normal movement". The Spaniard says his wrist is improving day by day but concedes that he needs to cut loose on his forehand. (more...)
Kim Dotcom wants to livestream legal fight against the US Kim Dotcom wants to livestream legal fight against the US
- August 30, 2016

Introducing his clients, he detailed how their lives had been torn apart by the case, describing Ortmann having his assets seized, and now kept apart from his partner in Germany - while, he said , Van der Kolk had been forced to delay having more children. (more...)
Japan's next iPhone to get tap-to-pay feature Japan's next iPhone to get tap-to-pay feature
- August 28, 2016

The FeliCa chip , developed by Sony, will allow users in Japan to store their train and bus passes on their iPhones. The chip is the standard for Japan's existing tap-to-pay technology, and there are a wide variety of physical transit cards that already have the chip baked in. (more...)
(HPQ) Lowered to "Hold" at Maxim Group
- August 28, 2016

The number of shares Hewlett-Packard now has in issue is 1,710,606,000, which have a value of 14.4 per share calculating Hewlett-Packard's market capitalisation to 24.63B United States dollars. Shareholders of record on Wednesday, September 14th will be given a dividend of $0.124 per share. However brokerage recommendations suggests an ABR of 2.33 based on calls of 15 experts, where 5 brokers polls the stock a Strong Buy, 1 suggest the stock a Buy, 8 suggest Hold, 1 are rating the stock as ... (more...)
Top French court to rule on legality of burkini bans
- August 27, 2016

In a press statement , the Human Rights League said the Council of State's decision doesn't prevent elected officials, in the name of ideology or driven by the thirst for power, from lashing out against muslim women . The ban came after an extremist attack in Nice in July, which killed 86 people. He had also commented on the issue earlier in the week, after photos emerged that appeared to show police officers in Nice instructing a woman on a beach to remove her tunic . (more...)
Self-driving Uber cars spotted in Pittsburgh Self-driving Uber cars spotted in Pittsburgh
- August 27, 2016

And you certainly can't wave your arms frantically to have a driverless vehicle pull over and stop as they blow right past your door to the preprogrammed address on a totally different street. Uber will allow people in Pittsburgh to hail modified versions of Volvo sport utility vehicles (SUV) to get around the city. Although, Lyft, Uber's top competitor, has also partnered up with General Motors to develop self-driving taxis, we can not say when they will be able to bring them out on the road. (more...)
Google Fiber Now Available for Salt Lake City Center Residents Google Fiber Now Available for Salt Lake City Center Residents
- August 26, 2016

Google has gradually been expanding its Fiber gigabit internet service in more cities across the United States. Google Fiber is now being offered to select Salt Lake City residents. Its TV service has also suffered from sluggish growth. Additionally, small-business plans range from $70 for 100 Mbps, $100 for 250 Mbps and $250 per month for gigabit service. (more...)
Facebook to start using WhatsApp data for targeted advertising Facebook to start using WhatsApp data for targeted advertising
- August 26, 2016

What's interesting here is the fact that the messaging service wants to find out how it can get businesses to contact customers via WhatsApp . You'll now have the option to opt out of sharing some information with Facebook. Account information will be used to "improve Facebook ads and products experiences", the policy statement said. " Our belief in the value of private communications is unshakeable ", WhatsApp said in the post. (more...)
Apple Releases iOS 9.3.5 With Security Fixes
- August 26, 2016

Apple closing the signing window for iOS 9.3.3 comes around three weeks after iOS 9.3.4 was released so there has been plenty of time to downgrade. In order to download the iOS 9.3.4 jailbreak, you will firstly have to register on Pangu's official website and, after that, you need to log in. (more...)
PlayStation Now is bringing PlayStation exclusives to PC
- August 25, 2016

Multi-platform pushed to the mainstream eventually which meant that more and more games were released for multiple systems. You'll need to fork out $25 extra now to do so - even if it probably could've been as easy as a software release. The device is expected to be announced during a press event on 7 September, along with the souped-up Project Neo version of the PS4. It seemed up until recently that Sony might just be sitting back while Microsoft worked out the kinks on their Windows 10 ... (more...)
The curved iPhone you're waiting for will arrive in 2017 The curved iPhone you're waiting for will arrive in 2017
- August 24, 2016

OLEDs offer better color contrast and are flexible, allowing to give birth to the famous curved screens. Apple could well just stick with the display they have now and they'd still sell millions of units. Next year will also mark the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, which is when Apple could unveil the " Pro " model with upgraded hardware, and an all new design. (more...)
Tesla lays claim to world's fastest production car
- August 24, 2016

The Model S P100D will hit 96km/h in a staggering 2.5 seconds, which is bettered only by the Porsche 918 Spyder and the LaFerrari, neither of which are "new" cars. Starting at $593 a month, the new two-year lease option is a better alternative for customers waiting for Model 3. This could simply be a way to entice customers to buy more vehicles before the Q3 sales report is finalized. (more...)
Wenger confirms talks for World Cup victor
- August 22, 2016

Xhaka made his full debut in Saturday's 0-0 Premier League draw at champions Leicester City, but the visiting supporters made their displeasure plain by chanting: "Spend some money!" They were very direct, of course, as we know and we needed to have the courage to play without making mistakes at the back and giving them chances on the counter-attack. (more...)
Matt Lauer interviews Ryan Lochte in primetime on NBC Saturday night Matt Lauer interviews Ryan Lochte in primetime on NBC Saturday night
- August 21, 2016

Lochte has since apologized for lying and will now appear in a sit-down interview with Matt Lauer that will first air on NBC Saturday night . They pulled out their guns, they told the other swimmers to get down on the ground-they got down on the ground. (more...)
Mafia 3 developers discuss Vito Scaletta's return in new developer diary video Mafia 3 developers discuss Vito Scaletta's return in new developer diary video
- August 20, 2016

All in all, it sounds like we are in for a rather exciting new mafia and mob story with Mafia 3- hopefully, it is at the very least going to be better than Mafia 2 , which was a bit disappointing. He's a man bound by loyalty even as he's pushed to the brink. The powerful Italian crime family, with Sal Marcano at the helm, has maintained its iron grip on the city of New Bordeaux for a long time. (more...)
Four New Pokemon for Sun and Moon Revealed at 2016 World Championships Four New Pokemon for Sun and Moon Revealed at 2016 World Championships
- August 20, 2016

Sandygast actually has a brand new ability called Water Compaction , which allows its defense to go up by two if you're hit by a Water-type attack, so this could be useful when you're up against Water-type Pokemon or trainers that specialize in Water-types. (more...)