AT&T boss would roll regulatory dice with Time Warner deal
- October 23, 2016

AT&T has been keen to add more content and original programming as it gears up to launch its DirecTV Now streaming content service later this year. That deal was approved, with restrictions, by regulators. Already on Saturday, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump blasted the proposed merger , saying that he would seek to block it if he were elected. (more...)
Russian crew blasts off for International Space Station
- October 23, 2016

Aboard the second Soyuz series, the Russian cosmonauts will be traveling in the spaceship, Sergei Rizhikov (commander) and Andrei Borisenko, along with American astronaut of NASA, Shane Kimbrough. Kimbrough, a Smyrna native, will set foot in the International Space Station to take over as commander. The launch will be streamed live via NASA TV's public channel. (more...)
Marco Rubio Warns Republicans: Don't Talk About Wikileaks
- October 22, 2016

Marco Rubio is warning both Donald Trump and Republicans that focusing on newly released hacked emails to attack Hillary Clinton could backfire. The information from WikiLeaks' latest email hack has ranged from campaign-altering revelations, like excerpts of Clinton's speeches at private Wall Street events, to extremely mundane stuff, like Podesta's advice on making risotto . (more...)
Red Dead Redemption 2 Official Trailer Released Red Dead Redemption 2 Official Trailer Released
- October 21, 2016

Presumably, showing entirely in-engine footage, the video shows vast plains, snaking rivers, muddy streets and the game's seven lead characters riding together. Check out the debut trailer below. The long-awaited trailer will be released on the Rockstar website at 3pm GMT on Thursday October 20. It is also very possible that Rockstar Games will be banking on open-world multiplayer features to attract more gamers to the upcoming title. (more...)
Google Pixel and Pixel XL Now up for Pre-Order in India Google Pixel and Pixel XL Now up for Pre-Order in India
- October 21, 2016

In fact, some apps will not be able to work properly if you remove the Daydream Keyboard from your smartphone (because, you know, Google). Unlike the previous models, Android Wear 2.0 will allow the two Google smartwatches to operate as standalone devices. (more...)
Mobile fined $48M over slowing 'unlimited' data plans Mobile fined $48M over slowing 'unlimited' data plans
- October 20, 2016

Binge On allows customers to stream unlimited video on their device, but with the caveat that the video quality is limited to just 480p. AT&T Mobility and Sprint, which also continue to offer unlimited data packages to consumers, also reserve the right to limit data speeds for customers surpassing a certain allotment and attempting to access data services from a congested cell site. (more...)
Samsung faces potential class action in US over Note 7 Samsung faces potential class action in US over Note 7
- October 20, 2016

District Court for the District of New Jersey, Newark division by users John Waudby, Robert Spuntak and Mohamad Ibrahim. Samsung will also pay for the raw materials suppliers have bought to produce Note 7 parts. But, unfortunately, due to the battery exploding issue, the Korean company has chose to permanently cease Galaxy Note 7 production and supply. September 8 - US Federal Aviation Administration advises passengers to not turn on or charge Note 7 smartphones aboard aircraft or stow ... (more...)
Buyers and Sellers Alert - Intel Corporation's
- October 19, 2016

It has a dividend yield of 2.81%. Some analysts said, however, that Intel is not expanding beyond PCs fast enough for sustained growth over the next several years. The company now expects total restructuring and other charges to amount to $2.3 billion, with most of the rest of the charges due between now and the middle of next year. (more...)
Donald Trump on why he thinks Paul Ryan doesn't support him
- October 19, 2016

The crowd responded in kind with shouts of " tell the truth" and hurling taunts at reporters covering the event. That is the message Republican voters, evangelical leaders and conservatives have for Republican establishment leaders in Washington, D.C. (more...)
Expect to See Random Stories in Explore Section on Instagram Expect to See Random Stories in Explore Section on Instagram
- October 19, 2016

We first heard this was happening back in August, and now it's official. The expansion of Stories to the Explore tab - which 100 million people check out every day - could help Instagram attract more attention to the copy-cat product it rolled out to kneecap Snapchat's growth. (more...)
Bill, Melinda Gates among Clinton VP considerations, WikiLeaks reveals
- October 19, 2016

The list was emailed by campaign chief John Podesta to Clinton on March 17, two days after she won primary victories over a then-surging Sanders in Florida, Illinois, Missouri and North Carolina. Podesta has not publicly verified that the emails are authentic, but told reporters earlier this month that he believed that "Russian intelligence agencies" had hacked into his email account as part of efforts to favor Republican nominee Donald Trump. (more...)
Trump Has Little Room to Grow in Polls Trump Has Little Room to Grow in Polls
- October 19, 2016

Democrats aren't alone in worrying about Trump's rhetoric about casting doubt on the legitimacy of the election system. Trump has repeatedly denied the allegations but has not provided any proof they are false. Answered Pence Sunday: "We'll accept the will of the American people ". "We may have people vote 10 times ", he told the Washington Post . Pence quickly disagreed and said that he and Trump will "absolutely accept the results of the election" during an interview with " Meet ... (more...)
Rosetta Ends Mission By Crashing Into Comet Rosetta Ends Mission By Crashing Into Comet
- October 18, 2016

It is now within 1 kilometer of the comet's surface. The ESA is ending the mission because 67P is racing toward the outer solar system, out of range for the solar-powered spacecraft. The final descent gave Rosetta the opportunity to study the comet's gas, dust and plasma environment very close to its surface, as well as take very high-resolution images, NASA said. (more...)
Iraqi forces have begun all-out offensive on IS last stronghold Mosul Iraqi forces have begun all-out offensive on IS last stronghold Mosul
- October 18, 2016

Iraqi forces advancing on Monday found roads and fields littered with roadside bombs, and IS unleashed a series of suicide auto and truck attacks on the advancing troops, a tactic it has used effectively in past battles. He said intelligence reports indicated that IS militants were fleeing toward Syria with their families. But over the past months, their territory has been dramatically reduced. (more...)
Rockstar Games teasing Red Dead Redemption fans Rockstar Games teasing Red Dead Redemption fans
- October 18, 2016

Finally , over on the developer's blog , they posted the exact same damn image that appears to be hinting at something related to Red Dead Redemption . It is it the color red, like you know in red-dit? We don't have much to go on for what Rockstar's planning with this teaser. No sooner have Rockstar shovelled some coal into the hype fires, that many fans online took to their official page and began mining the very code of the website itself. (more...)
Bad cable delays comeback rocket launch from Virginia
- October 17, 2016

Initially set for Thursday, Orbital ATK will now launch its unmanned Cygnus cargo ship no earlier than October 16 from Wallops Island, Virginia, the United States space agency has said. After launchpad testing was conducted in May, NASA contractor Orbital ATK targeted a July launch and then a late August launch. It also made good on two station deliveries using another company's rockets in Florida. (more...)
Global Deal Reached to Limit Powerful Greenhouse Gases
- October 16, 2016

It was only struck by an ambitious agreement to give countries different timescales to phase them out, alongside major chemical and big food companies accepting change, the personal determination of the USA secretary of state, John Kerry, to get a deal before the election and developing countries agreeing to invest heavily in new technologies. (more...)
Samsung phone catches fire on plane
- October 15, 2016

According to Green, the phone was letting off a "thick grey-green angry smoke". Samsung released a cautious statement . Samsung told the publication that it "cannot confirm that this incident involves the new Note 7 ". Recently, Samsung again started replacing its safe Note 7 to its customers. India's civil aviation regulator last week lifted the restrictions on in-flight use of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone - but only those purchased after September 15. (more...)
Samsung Recall Raises Questions About Consumer Watchdog
- October 14, 2016

It's well past time to return your Note 7. U.S. customers have been advised to use the U.S. Postal Service, which is only transporting the gadgets via ground transportation, and UPS shipping services to send back their device. While the Note 7 is off the market for good, I suspect Samsung will continue to investigate the possible causes of the exploding phones, because the company's image has also taken a bit of a hit. (more...)
Galaxy count may now top 2 trillion across universe (copy) Galaxy count may now top 2 trillion across universe (copy)
- October 14, 2016

These myriad small faint galaxies from the early universe merged over time into the larger galaxies we can now observe. Using this revised estimate, scientists now believe the observable universe contains as many as seven sextillion, or 700,000 billion billion stars. (more...)
Gorilla escapes enclosure at London Zoo
- October 14, 2016

A "PSYCHO" gorilla on the loose at London Zoo has been captured after being shot with a tranquilliser dart. "Huddling in a building at the London Zoo after staff told us to get into a building quickly". A police spokesman told the Evening Standard officers have been sent "to support zoo staff dealing with the gorilla in question". "We've been slowly introducing (Kumbuka) to our three females, and Mjukuu and Effie are already quite smitten with their handsome new roommate", zookeeper ... (more...)
Neural Implants Help A Paralyzed Man To Feel Again Neural Implants Help A Paralyzed Man To Feel Again
- October 14, 2016

This year, about 280,000 people in the United States alone are living with a spinal cord injury, according to the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center . In the winter of 2004, Mr. Copeland, who lives in western Pennsylvania, was driving at night in rainy weather when he was in a vehicle accident that snapped his neck and injured his spinal cord, leaving him with quadriplegia from the upper chest down, unable to feel or move his lower arms and legs, and needing assistance with all ... (more...)
Russia remains India's leading military supplier: President Putin
- October 14, 2016

India hosts summit of emerging market powers in Goa. Xi's visit to Bangladesh will be the first by a Chinese President in 30 years. "Russia and India share the need to support national reconciliation efforts under worldwide law and are interested in deepening constructive multilateral cooperation for the purposes of assisting Afghanistan in solving the issues of national security, building counter-narcotics capacity, ensuring social and economic development, and enhancing ... (more...)
Hurricane Nicole pummels Bermuda with winds up to 115 mph
- October 14, 2016

In its 2 p.m. advisory, the National Hurricane Centre (NHC) in Miami said hurricane conditions would continue over Bermuda for a couple more hours, and tropical storm conditions would persist into this evening. Sustained winds reached 75 mph at Pearl Island and at L.F. Wade International Airport where maximum gusts of 119 mph and 104 mph were recorded, respectively, the Weather Channel reported . (more...)
Planet Earth II is coming in November, here's the incredible first trailer Planet Earth II is coming in November, here's the incredible first trailer
- October 13, 2016

Now, it's back, and Attenborough is back, for Planet Earth II . IN 2006, THE BBC's Planet Earth , narrated by Sir David Attenborough, was the most expensive nature documentary series ever commissioned by the British broadcaster. If 2016 feels like the end of the world-what with mass shootings, the death of David Bowie, and the presidential election-this " Planet Earth II " trailer might give you a little hope. (more...)