Fortnite Mobile for Android Micro-Transactions May Use Samsung Galaxy Apps

Epic’s changing Fortnite matchmaking to save console players from keyboard and mouse

On top of the Note 9 reveal, Samsung also unveiled a new smartwatch and a new version of their AI, Bixby.

You slide the S Pen into a slot on the device to charge it.Samsung claims you'll get 30 minutes of "standby" juice after charging it for one minute. We previously reported on FCC documents which outlined new capabilities of the A S Pen, which have been enabled by giving the stylus Bluetooth connectivity.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is the company's largest phone to date and brings improved cameras, new stylus features to its S-Pen and a massive price tag. You know what that means, right? When using Bixby on Samsung's phones, we've wondered why we should even bother when Google Assistant or other third-party apps work better.

The fourth video is about the new Intelligent Camera. The company has focused a lot on the Galaxy Note 9, choosing to focus on the specifics and how they combine for a better experience.

For the person who doesn't use a computer for more than checking email, shopping online, watching movies and TV as well as social media, this phone could essentially handle all those tasks as well as dedicated hardware. Epic Games has said that the Android beta will become available a for a wider range of non-Samsung Galaxy Android devices in the "next few days" but unfortunately, it hasn't stated exactly when that will be. Inside is a Snapdragon 845, 6GB of RAM, and 128GB of storage. It's a unusual decision for Samsung given the phone features expandable storage, something not seen on iPhones, but it's a way to boost selling prices and potentially margins.

Samsung blamed itself partly for the disappointing performance, saying on an earnings call that it's played too safe with smartphones too long.

Although Samsung's Note phones are large, niche products intended for power users, they offer a preview of what's to come in the mass-market Galaxy S line. There's an upgraded phone with 512GB of storage and 8GB of RAM. The Note 8 sported dual rear cameras and the biggest screen to date on a Samsung smartphone.

While the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 isn't as exciting as the Note 8, it's still a very, very refined and capable flagship smartphone. If just 5% of iPhone buyers a year purchased a pencil, that's more than a billion in extra revenue per year for Apple, not counting any additional iPad or iPhone sales from those who could use the Pencil on multiple devices.

There's also been an upgrade in the camera department. In our short usage, the "scene" icon is barely noticeable, and the recognition doesn't feel as quick as Huawei's P20.

Samsung has also carried over the latest features from the S9+ to the Galaxy Note9.



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