Woman pays it forward, finds out she helped Keith Urban

Woman helps man short on cash at Wawa finds out hes Keith Urban

Ruth Reed and her husband have made it a habit to pay it forward to customers at a Wawa convenience store in New Jersey. "I asked him his and told me it was Keith".

Reed says he thanked her and said his name was Keith.

"Three years ago, I made a resolution to treat somebody at Wawa once a week", she said.

Country music star Keith Urban's money is no good at Wawa, at least when one South Jersey substitute teacher is around. She overheard Urban ask a companion for $5 and said he looked like he could use some help.

"Reed says urban stuck $5 in the donation box at the register and happily took this picture with her".

A retired school teacher called Ruth Reed thought she was doing a stranger a favour when she picked up the tab for a shaggy-haired guy who was a few dollars short on his purchase. As Olivia Prouse, a former student of Reed's, wrote on Twitter, Reed thought Urban was "down on his luck and couldn't pay for his Wawa snacks so she bought them for him". "And who was that woman you were with?"

She says, "It was then I realized what an idiot I was".

"I didn't believe him", she wrote.

Reed said that's when she noticed his body guards and realized she really had paid for Keith Urban.

"And he really could have said, 'Lady, get away from me!'" she said.

"He said "That's my sister, we can ask her, ' and I said 'okay, I don't think she would lie to some old lady", said Reed.

Reed, who is very shy, has been getting a lot of attention over her interaction with Urban.



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