City of Lies: Johnny Depp's Notorious BIG film shelved

City of Lies

Global Road Entertainment - which has so far released action movie Hotel Artemis, canine comedy Show Dogs and romantic drama Midnight Sun in 2018 - had previously set City of Lies for a September 7 bow.

Citing alleged incidents of domestic abuse and other unsavory behavior, many on social media have criticized Depp's casting in the family-friendly movie, making it abundantly clear that a vocal portion of the moviegoing populace really wants nothing to do with Johnny Depp right now. But you'll have to temper that excitement, because even though the movie was slated to come out exactly one month from today, it has now been yanked from release altogether.

It's also possible that City of Lies is being relocated to a later release date that hasn't yet been established, or that it's being sold off to Netflix like a number of other recent (unloved) studio efforts.

In it, Depp plays LAPD detective Russell Poole as he nvestigates the murder of the iconic rapper Biggie Smalls the year after the murder of Tupac Shakur. The film was directed by Brad Furman. Additionally, a crewmember on City of Lies claims Depp punched him twice, then lost his job when he refused to promise that he wouldn't sue over the matter.

Not long after that lawsuit was filed, the actor settled a $25 million fraud suit with his former business managers. I wonder if Depp attacking a random co-worker will change any of his die-hard fans' minds about the allegations that he assaulted his ex-wife Amber Heard?

Last month, reports emerged about Depp catching an assault lawsuit by the film's location manager.



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