Urban Meyer reported Zach Smith's 2015 incident

Urban Meyer says he failed on media day dealing with Zach Smith

Ohio State placed Meyer on paid administrative leave Wednesday and announced it was opening an internal investigation into matter.

Smith in a radio interview denied abusing his ex-wife and no charges were filed, which has led a troubling number of championship-blinded Ohio State fans to blame the victim - horrifying confirmation of a culture and system set up to silence women like Courtney Smith.

After initially denying any knowledge of the allegations, Meyer released a statement on his Twitter account on Friday, saying he "was not adequately prepared to discuss these sensitive personnel issues with the media".

Zach replied, "I know!" and "I'm so so sorry!"

Meyer issued the statement while Smith was giving an interview to ESPN.

He said Gene Smith was alerted by police about the 2015 allegations. It all went public when Smith was served with a domestic violence civil protection order last week, prompting his firing from Ohio State.

On what he told Meyer: "When he asked me what the hell's going on, I told him Courtney's accusing me of committing domestic violence".

"Over the past several days I have been portrayed as being indifferent to domestic violence and as someone who did not take appropriate action when warranted", Meyer said. I volunteered to do that. In those remarks on July 24, Meyer said that members of his staff had looked into the allegations and found "nothing", adding, "I was never told about anything, anything never came to light, never had a conversation about it, so I know nothing about that". I said, "Coach, if I hit her, I wouldn't come in here. I don't know who creates a story like that".

They were sickening. Former Ohio State assistant coach Zach Smith - who was sacked on June 24 - was accused multiple times of physically abusing his wife Courtney, and if the photo evidence in Courtney Smith's text messages corroborates these claims he absolutely should be prosecuted.

At the time, Smith was an assistant coach to Urban Meyer at the University of Florida. As for 2015? "I got a text late last night something happened in 2015", Meyer said that day. That's who he is right there. Meyer fired Smith on July 23 after learning Smith had been charged with trespassing and was deemed by a judge to be a danger to his ex-wife. He needed to make decisions based on those facts, I don't think it was his job to investigate, to ask questions, to talk to her; he only had to talk to me, because he already got the other side of the story from the incident report.

Smith often responded to that flak in a less-than-productive way. Now, the fate of Zach Smith is in the hands of the law.

Both ESPN and The Zone are taking criticism for giving Smith this kind of platform. An independent journalist then produced text messages between Courtney and Shelley that confirm the exchange. In the meantime, what do you think happens to Meyer?

Franklin said in his conference, "Our focus is on our program and what we need to do to educate people in our program as much as we possibly can with these types of issues". I was at all the meetings, I knew exactly what he knew. (Meyer) looked at me: 'If you hit her, you're fired immediately'. I pushed her buttons a lot, I knew how to get her going.



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