Man's limbs amputated after dog lick leads to severe blood infection

Pet Lovers Beware! US Man’s Hands and Legs Were Amputated After Pet Dog Licks Them

Septic infections of Capnocytophaga canimorsus from dog saliva are quite rare, despite most dogs and some cats carrying the bacteria in their mouths. That's what happened in Manteufel's case.

Dawn says they hope with prosthetic technology, Greg will be able to ride his motorcycle again. Anyone bitten by a dog is urged to seek medical attention immediately even if they feel fine.

But in exceedingly rare circumstances, that lick can lead to a risky and potentially lethal infection from a common bacteria.

To save his life, doctors were forced to amputate his legs from the knee down, then his hands.

"It hit him with a vengeance. bruising all over him. looked like someone beat him up with a baseball bat", said Dawn. Surgery is scheduled to remove a portion of both hands as the damage from the sepsis is to extensive.

Munoz-Price said the case is simply a fluke.

Doctor's told the outlet they believe the bacteria that infected Manteufel came from his dog, Ellie.

Manteufel's condition has stabilized, but he has more surgeries ahead of him.

Greg Manteufel, 48, went to the emergency room with what he thought was the flu, but tests revealed he was suffering from an infection caused by bacteria in the saliva of dogs.

"This infection in his blood that triggered a very severe response on his body", said infectious disease specialist Dr. Silvia Munoz-Price.

Family friend Jason Marchand, who set up the page, said: 'Greg has held his head high and is taking all the news like a beast.

Up to 74% of dogs and 57% of cats have Capnocytophaga bacteria in their mouths, according to the CDC.

'He is so thankful to be alive today and is taking one day at a time'.

A bacteria called Capnocytophaga canimorsus attacked Greg Manteufel quickly and aggressively.

People with weakened immune symptoms are at greater risk for becoming ill, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. While the infection had been seen before in people who'd been bitten by dogs, the doctors noted it was highly unusual that this woman apparently contracted it from her dog who had licked her.

Greg Manteufel has been around dogs his entire life, his wife says. Infections can take up to two weeks to show up.



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