LeBron James says President Trump is using sports to 'divide' nation

‘Trump is using sport to divide us’ – NBA star LeBron James

James, wearing a grey suit and buttoned-down shirt, said even the most successful African Americans face discriminatory attitudes. The NBA all-star and four-time MVP gave a wide-ranging interview to CNN's Don Lemon that aired Monday night, during which he talked about Trump's rhetoric toward professional athletes of color.

Asked by Lemon about the prospect of entering politics after his playing days, James at first dodged the subject like so many defenders throughout his career.

In addition to an extensive infrastructure meant to support the students, kids in the I Promise program will also have a chance to earn a full scholarship through the LeBron James Family Foundation to the University of Akron. The good, the bad, the adversity. "It was mentally challenging".

James says having a bike was a huge factor in his childhood as it offered him an escape from risky parts of his neighbourhood and the freedom to explore.

James, who played high school sports for St. Vincent-St. I was like, wow, this is all because of sports. "It's always been something that brings [people] together".

National Basketball Association star LeBron James says he would never sit down across from President Donald Trump, who he says has "kinda used sports to kinda divide us". Sports is like, it stops race. And that's something that I can't relate to, because I know that sport was the first time I ever was around someone white.

The school will provide students who live more than two miles away from campus with daily bus transportation, according to the statement. IPS is committed to enrolling 240 elementary students who are failng academically behind their peers. "Why not continue to do great things when you can help the youth". "So, from that standpoint, big ups to LeBron for doing that and I think it just adds to another level of expectations that we have to expect from us is are we doing enough?" Every student has a bicycle available for them to ride, because James found freedom riding his bike while growing up in Akron.

We want to create an environment of family.



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