Google starts rolling out dark mode for YouTube on Android devices

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Google has started rolling out YouTube dark mode for its Android users, a quarter after iOS devices received the feature. Hopefully, it's the latter though, since not everyone might be a fan of having dark mode being forced on them so suddenly.

The rollout is occurring in phases and there's no definite timeframe that details when it will be completed.

Again, when dark mode for Android does go live on a device, users should see the option automatically enabled with a dialog box offering to disable the feature.

YouTube's dark mode has been live on the web and on iOS for months now.

The new theme radically changes the look of the world's most popular video search engine.

The dark theme will thoroughly darken your YouTube, which in my opinion is far easier on the eyes than making the background a pure black.

You can of course manually enable the dark theme and skip the rollout entirely providing you have root access.

The "Dark theme" toggle can also be located in the Settings menu where it's listed under the General menu just below the "Remind me to take a break" feature. Perhaps the biggest impact is on the video page, where the video player is now black before it fully loads.

YouTube is available on both iOS and Android.

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