It’s official: April the giraffe is expecting - again!

April the Giraffe is pregnant again. She's

Patch says the calf is due during the early part of spring around March.

April the giraffe became an internet sensation previous year when more than a million viewers waited and watched Animal Adventure's live Giraffe Cam to watch April give birth to a healthy, male calf named Tajiri.

Patch says Tajiri's father also sired the new calf.

Exciting news from the Giraffe Barn at Animal Adventure Park!

It seems April the giraffe has another bun in the oven.

"We were elated... We had a good idea and the laboratory confirmed it for us", said Patch. She's pictured here with her calf, Tajiri.

Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York, made the happy announcement live on the Today Show Wednesday morning, ending weeks of speculation. Tajiri -Swahili for "hope" - was born on April 15, 2017 at just under 130 pounds and more than 5 feet tall.

The birth of April's last pregnancy with her baby Tajiri drew more than 1.2 million YouTube live views during her birth period previous year, along with 8.5 billion viewing minutes. More than a year after her last pregnancy went viral, the 16-year-old giraffe is pregnant once again.

As far as when Taj's brother or sister will arrive, Patch said the average gestation period for a giraffe is 15 months.



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