Charges dropped after Stormy Daniels arrested at OH strip club

Stormy Daniels speaks during a ceremony in her honor in West Hollywood California

Avenatti said she was accused of allowing a patron to touch her while on stage in a "nonsexual manner".

Booking photo of Stormy Daniels. Police wrote Daniels soon removed her top "and began forcing the faces of the patrons into her chest and using her bare breasts to smack the patrons". Avenatti said the officers present at the performance were in plain clothes.

Following her apparent arrest, Avenatti tweeted that he expected Daniels to shortly be released on bail. Documents on the Franklin County Municipal Court website show that she will be arraigned Friday at 9 a.m.

An Ohio strip club law prohibits clients from touching a nude or semi-nude dancer, unless the patron is a member of the dancer's immediate family.

"This was a setup & politically motivated".

Just rcvd word that my client @StormyDaniels was arrested in Columbus Ohio whole performing the same act she has performed across the nation at almost a hundred strip clubs.

Avenatti said Daniels was arrested during a sting operation. "There has to be a better objective for such resources".

Messages were left with the Columbus city prosecutor's office seeking comment. A person who answered the phone at the strip club declined to comment. 'It reeks of desperation, ' Avenatti says Earlier, Avenatti criticized the charges as "bogus".

Although the law has been in effect for over a decade, a 2017 report from The Columbus Dispatch found that it is seldom enforced.

Avenatti said it was "ridiculous" that Columbus Police forced Daniels on a perp walk for the cameras at Jackson Pike Correctional Facility and police could instead focus on Columbus's skyrocketing murder rate.

Earlier this week, Daniels performed in Washington minutes before President Donald Trump announced his Supreme Court nomination.

In October 2016 on the eve of the presidential election, reports emerged that Daniels had been paid $130,000 by then-Trump attorney Michael Cohen in "hush money" in exchange for her silence about an alleged 2007 affair. Her initial lawsuit against Trump was for not signing their initial "hush agreement", and she insisted she only wanted to speak out about her affair, and so was attempting to find a way that would legally protect her in doing so.



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