Judge orders list of children separated from parents at border

HHS Secy Pushes Back on Reports of Mass Confusion in Reuniting Migrant Families

Though the government has not revealed how many parents have been deported while their children remain in custody in the USA, an analysis of federal data by Syracuse University researchers estimates that number to be in the hundreds.

Azar did not provide an exact figure for the total number of detained children who have been split from their parents, only saying that number is "under 3,000" minors and that they are in "excellent" care, with three meals plus snacks each day and supervised exercise and entertainment.

Another 12 cases need more assessment, Mr.

As many as 3,000 children are now in government custody in detention centers and foster homes around the nation.

He said HHS has just under 3,000 minors in its custody and about 100 of those are under the age of 5. This had shortened the period for confirmations to a few days from a couple of weeks.

Dozens of HHS personnel have spent nights and the weekend manually reviewing the files of the 11,800 children in its care, looking for indication of separation in the records.

LabCorp, one of the largest providers of DNA testing to prove parentage, said it is not involved in the current testing of immigrant parents and children.

It's identified 101 children under age 5 who were separated, and more than 2,000 others ages 5 to 17 who might qualify as separated.

"When people, with or without children, enter our Country, they must be told to leave without our..."

He noted that some children may have become separated either before or after crossing into the US. Eighty-three of those children have been linked to 86 parents. He also ordered the government to make sure all parents had a way to contact their children by July 6.

But Azar portrayed the process as orderly and disputed accusations that the Trump administration has failed to account for some minors.

As reported also by Julia Ainsley of NBC, Azar said "It's important to remember that information from children can at times be unreliable".

It added that given the possibility of false claims, "confirming parentage is critical to ensure that children are returned to their parents, not to potential traffickers", and that the government also needed to determine whether the adults had a criminal history or could present a danger to their children.

The Justice Department filed court documents Thursday night stating that it will likely not be able to meet those deadlines. But records connecting children to their parents have in some cases disappeared, according to some of those working on the reunifications, leaving authorities struggling to confirm connections between family members. The court order, Azar said, "goes back indefinitely".

The secretary repeated slammed the court system for its deadlines and called the order 'unprecedented'. About 46 parents are in immigration custody, 19 were deported and 19 were released. There are reports that some migrants agreed to be quickly deported, believing it would speed up the recovery of their children - only to board a plane and realize that their child would be left behind.

'Once we reunify children with their parents, they will be in DHS custody and DHS will be in charge of further proceedings related to the parents and the child, ' Azar said.

"The safety and security is paramount and that it is not uncommon for children to be trafficked or smuggled by those claiming to be parents".

Questions have arisen in recent days if the department can met the rapidly approaching deadlines that a judge ruled last week applies to the executive order Trump signed to reunite the families.

In his ruling, Sabraw called the separations "chaotic".



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