Sacha Baron Cohen teases a new Trump-related project

Sacha Baron Cohen teases project about Trump University

But Baron Cohen later told James Corden on The Late Late Show that Trump remained in the room for "about seven minutes", which is a long time compared to other unsuspecting participants in his show. Cohen's clip ends by throwing shade at the infamous Trump University. As you've never seen him before'.

Baron Cohen is now shooting the Netflix series The Spy, where he plays real-life agent Eli Cohen, a spy for Israel in Syria in the early 1960s.

Baron Cohen first upset Trump in 2003, when he interviewed The Apprentice frontman in character as Ali G, pitching him an idea about a glove to eat ice-cream.

Interestingly, one of the first replies to Cohen's clip comes from Pamela Anderson, who previously appeared as herself in Cohen's Borat!

"This third-grade character named Sacha Baron Cohen, I only wish that he would've been punched in the face so many times". "He ought to be fired immediately". While it's possible that his tweet was merely a joke, it was set up like a teaser trailer, which leads viewers to believe that this will indeed be his next project. "Learn about being amusing". You don't know [expletive]", Trump continues in the clip right before another message appears saying, "Sacha graduates.

The video closes with the Trump University logo. "I am the only person who immediately walked out of my "Ali G" interview".

While Cohen hasn't explicitly said anything about his willingness to cooperate, Trump has shown some distance from Cohen, specifying last month that Cohen was no longer his personal attorney. When Trump realized it was a scam, he walked out, later tweeting, "I never fall for scams". Cohen's absurdist 2016 film "Grimsby" concluded with Trump contracting AIDS in a freak accident.



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