‘Abolish ICE’ protesters don’t understand what they are protesting

Ronald Vitiello                        John Gibbins  The San Diego Union Tribune via AP

President Donald Trump is working hard to win back the narrative on immigration, using calls to abolish ICE to accuse Democrats of disrespecting USA law enforcement. The agency has become a lightning rod under the Trump administration.

Because of this multipart structure, even some Ice agents believe it should be abolished, although likely not in the way that activists are calling for.

KUT's Jennifer Stayton spoke to O'Rourke on his way to campaign in Austin on Wednesday. Just 16 percent said cities should be prohibited from doing that.

This transcript has been lightly edited for clarity. "President Trump seems to think that the only way to have immigration rule is to rip parents from their family, is to treat rape victims and refugees like terrorists and to put children in cages". The order also vastly expanded Ice's immigration enforcement powers.

Gwen Graham wouldn't say she supported abolishing ICE.

O'Rourke: Look, I am open.

Josh Michtom, left, and Amy Ansah, right, mount a banner on the side of the "Hartford Hot Several" band's vehicle on Main Street in Hartford on Monday as immigration groups staged a sit-in at the federal building, disrupting business on Monday morning.

Trump, who has often cited the dangers of the MS-13 gang to argue for tougher immigration laws, said there is an "infestation" of gangs in pockets of America.

But the plurality - 44 percent - backed the government's current position: that the families be held together in detention centers until their immigration hearings and then be deported or allowed to stay.

O'Rourke: First and foremost, Congress has to take up the responsibility of rewriting our immigration laws to reflect the reality on the ground, to reflect our interests, to reflect our values. "We know that there's a lot of injustices that are happening and we care for our neighbors and we care for immigration rights".

But after massive resistance from Democrats and Republicans, religious leaders and the business community, the president relented.

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CBP is limited to the country's entry points and within 100 miles of a US border.

The situation at the border sparked widespread criticism and prompted rallies protesting Trump's immigration policies across the country, including in Montpelier and Burlington. She and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand of NY and others have at least hinted that they would want the Justice Department's prosecutorial power less involved in border security.

The council's actions included a vote of support for a federal bill that would prohibit an agent or officer of the Department of Homeland Security from removing a child from his or her parent or legal guardian, at or near a US border or port of entry. "Mostly they want people who cross the border illegally to be turned around and returned home efficiently". I want to make sure that we continue to secure this country by making smart investments, such as those at our ports of entry.

Is the debate over ICE's existence worth having?



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