A Facebook Bug Might Have Unblocked Users on Your Blocked List

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Someone who was unblocked might have been able to contact people on Messenger. At least unless you say otherwise. Chinese phone maker Huawei said Wednesday, June 6, that it has never collected or stored Facebook user data, after the social media giant acknowledged it shared such data with Huawei and other manufacturers. Users who severed friendships with people they blocked did not see those friendships reinstated, she added.

On 2 July, Facebook started notifying more than 800,000 of its users that a bug in Facebook and Messenger had unblocked some users that had previously been blocked. Via this feature, those who have been blocked cannot contact the user, nor can they see what content has been posted by the users. During the period, people from over 800,000 blocklists were able to see content posted publicly or with friends of friends, but content exclusively shared with friends was kept private.

Facebook replied, by saying that blocked lists comes under "associations", which are stored in pairs.

- Earlier in the day, Facebook also announced shutting down three of its ancillary applications: Hello, Moves, and Tbh.

In its blog post, Facebook said that 83 percent of the people impacted only had a single person blocked. However, Facebook also asks that users check your blocked list to make sure it still includes all of those previously on your list.

It's still unknown if Facebook discovered the error by itself or realized it after receiving complaints from users and the company has not revealed when the error was discovered too.

The issue was active between May 29 and June 5 and is now reported to be fixed.

Apparently, the bug did not cause unblocked users to become friend with the users who had blocked them even if they were friends before getting blocked.



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