Google Chrome will automatically download articles

Google Chrome will automatically download articles

The new feature will be available to users by updating to the latest version of Chrome on Android in Google Play. Nonetheless, the initiative is a step in the right direction to make content available to more users across the globe and we hope that Google has similar ideas in the pipeline. This downloaded content is then available whenever you want to access it, even if you don't have a connection. When the browser is connected to the internet connection and connected to Wi-Fi network, it will automatically download suitable articles that will be based on the popularity of any particular content in your location or your browsing history. You could already save Chrome pages for offline viewing and they would be stored in the Downloads section of the app.

Contributing to the idea of Chrome for "everyone, everywhere", tech giant Google announced the rollout of an offline mode for users on Android. Over on the Google Blog, the company has unveiled a brand new feature for those in India, Brazil, Nigeria, Indonesia, and over 100 additional countries.

The browser will download relevant news based on what's popular in your location, and, if you've signed into Chrome, it'll also use your browsing history to determine which articles might be more relevant to you. Artem also got the "View offline in Chrome Canary" notification, similar to that shown in the top image on the left, but I'm yet to see it myself.

Google didn't say how long Chrome will store these articles or how many it'll download at a time - which may be a concern in case you're low on phone storage.

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Google has developed the feature in such a way to download articles based on the localized content.

That screenshot is from Canary, the least stable of the Chrome builds but the only one I've now got the functionality on.



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