PS4 Fortnite Bundle: Price, Exclusive Skin, Free V

With the PlayStation 4 outstripping the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One for comparative console sales, Nintendo and Xbox are letting their players play together for fun, profit, and positive publicity.

Sony or the PS4 aren't mentioned, but the implication is pretty clear here because there's a Minecraft version for PS4 as well. It started with the announcement of Fortnite on Nintendo Switch last week and now continues with Minecraft thanks to a large update that just became available. It's hard not to view this emphasis on in-game co-operation as also referencing the co-operation between Microsoft and Nintendo, which in turn highlights Sony's absence from the partnership. In the video, you can see a Switch player and an Xbox player gaming together in the wonderful world of Minecraft.

Microsoft and Nintendo have officially opened the doors to cross-play. One side has a woman holding an Xbox One controller while the other side shows a boy holding a Nintendo Switch controller.

The question of being able to play games with players across platforms has become more and more relevant in the previous year with Sony being stubborn and not wanting to allow it. If you were playing on Nintendo Switch, you could only play online with other Switch owners. After all, the company owns Minecraft developer Mojang.

A hot potato: In what seems to be a first in gaming, Microsoft and Nintendo have partnered to promote cross-platform play between the two companies' consoles. If you download an illegitimate copy of a Switch game that was purchased on a different console/account, Nintendo can detect the mismatch as soon as you log in and immediately ban the console from its network.

Since Fortnite is already free-to-play, the bundle has to be a bit more creative with stuff to include. The creators of Rocket League have said they're ready to enable cross-play with PS4 the moment Sony gives them the green light. As people get more and more upset, maybe Sony will change their mind but given this debacle has been ongoing for at least a year may be more than telling.



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