PlayStation Hits Discounted Games Line Announced

PlayStation Hits Discounted Games Line Announced

While Microsoft and Nintendo don't seem to care, Sony won't allow cross-play on any games, including major titles like Minecraft, Rocket League, and Fortnite.

In fact, they've gone further than that, by blocking Switch users from using their existing Fortnite account if it's already been used on PlayStation 4. Players who have created an Epic account to play hit game Fortnite on PS4, and then decided they loved the game so much they bought it for Switch or Xbox have encountered an issue.

Sony's decision to restrict PlayStation 4 owners from playing Epic Games's smash-hit "Fortnite" with players on the Nintendo Switch and Xbox sparked an uproar.

One thing the company is taking seriously however, is their game streaming service PlayStation Now (PS Now).

The list of games debuting as PlayStation Hits is a nice mix of both 1 party and 3 party offerings on the PlayStation 4.

The current library of games sits at 15 titles and Sony says it will be adding more titles to the PlayStation Hits Collection over time.

The deals will be available in the PlayStation Store and via select retailers across the US.

The original PlayStation debuted in 1994 with a Greatest Hits range following in 1997, three years before the wildly successful PlayStation 2 arrived in 2000; the PS2's Greatest Hits launched in 2006.

While it would be nice for everyone to be able to play together, realistically, as the analyst puts it, you'd still need more online friends, which you'll be making with players on the same platform anyway.

John Smedley, the former president of Sony Online Entertainment and the general manager of Amazon Game Studios, suggested that the "simple" reason was for financial gain.

If this information is correct it does make PlayStation Now a more tempting offer.

"Our cloud engineers are building a game streaming network to unlock console-quality gaming on any device, Not only that - we are dedicated to perfecting your experience everywhere you want to play".



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