Van ploughs into crowd at music fest

File A bus struck four people at a Dutch concert where Bruno Mars was performing in the early hours of Monday morning

One person lost their life and three more were injured after a van collided with a crowd of people after Pinkpop in the early hours of this morning.

In addition to the fatality there were also three people seriously injured.

Police are looking for a small white bus or van that hit four people then drove off.

The incident casts a shadow on what had otherwise been a successful edition of Pinkpop, which is the longest continuously running rock/pop festival in the world, having taken place in the southern Netherlands since 1970.

Police there said a "technical investigation into the exact circumstances of the collision" is underway, and a police helicopter has been deployed to make overview photos of the collision scene.

The victims, three men and a woman, were all from either Heerlen or neighboring Landgraaf, where the concert took place.

The incident lead to the death of a 35-year-old man from Heerlen, the police stated.

The festival, attended by tens of thousands of fans, had come to an end hours before with a performance by singer Bruno Mars.

Terrorists have driven vehicles into crowds of people in attacks in London, Berlin, Barcelona and other European cities in recent years. Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters and Bruno Mars headlined Pinkpop 2018, which sold out all its 45,000 weekend tickets in April.

A police statement said the street where the incident took place, one of two exits from the concert grounds, had been closed for investigation.



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