Sarah Sanders pushes back on reports of her departure


White House correspondent April Ryan has long had a contentious relationship with White House press secretary Sarah Sanders.

"What they did to Sarah at the White House Correspondents' Dinner", he said, "now the only difference I would've done, I would've walked out". But she is laying responsibility at the feet of Democrats, even though Republicans hold the majorities of the House and Senate.

The policy change was reportedly meant to act as a deterrent to immigrants from crossing the border illegally as the Trump administration attempts to keep the president's campaign promise of tougher immigration policy and border control in the name of national security.

"I'm not aware of the Attorney General's comments or what he would be referencing".

Worse, Sanders veered into darkness. "That is actually repeated a number of times throughout the Bible", she argued back. "And that's what the law states".

Back and forth it went.

Meanwhile, over 5,000 health professionals have signed a letter to the Trump administration calling for an immediate end to family separation at the border, citing medical forensic evidence of trauma.

At this point, Sanders took another lap through her talking points, prompting Karem to bust in. "Come on, Sarah", he shouted out of turn at the time. "Don't you have empathy for what these people are going through?"

"Don't you have any empathy?"

"Brian, God, settle down".

SANDERS: Again, I'm not going to comment on specific comments that I haven't seen.

Karem: "It's not about that".

Here is a concept: if you do not want to be separated from your children (who get to spend 56 days at the equivalent of a summer camp), don't break the law.

Sanders ignored the question and went on to the next reporter as Kassem turned away in disgust.

She called the Trump administration's separation policy "barbaric", adding: "It has to stop".

Compared with those, Karem's inquiry looks like a softball. American citizens are not allowed to take their children into detentions centers or prison. Way too hard for Sanders. "You're telling us it's a law, and these people have nothing".

CBS also reported that deputy press secretary Raj Shah will resign but has not set an exact date for his departure.

"It reminds me a little bit of a dog kennel, constructed of cyclone fencing", Merkley told the AP. In terms of personnel announcements, I don't have any to make.

"That's not what I said", she replied. "I'll take one last question". I'm glad to work for the president.

"Each and every day I'll pray for clarity and discernment on what my future looks like", Sanders added. "Orderly and lawful processes are good in themselves".



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