These weird, homophobic tweets made a ‘Stranger Things’ actress quit Twitter

Thank goodness for people like this

According to Deadline, she had been plagued by the hashtag #TakeDownMillieBobbyBrown.

Brown will return to play Eleven in the upcoming third season of Netflix's Stranger Things.

Brown's secondary, anti-bullying Twitter account, @Milliestopshate, is still live, though.

Brown had been active on social media, so the move surprised many of her fans.

The meme reportedly originates from a tweet previous year which gave a fictional account of Brown forcibly removing a fan's hijab at an airport.

Numerous posts attribute obviously false quotes like "We don't need gun control, we need faggot patrol" to the British star. It's not a phobia.

In the wake of the incident, she has also disabled comments on her Instagram posts.

Ironically, it appears her last post was a quote-tweet of the Being Me Campaign, an anti-bullying group.

Actress Millie Bobby Brown has quit Twitter after she was made the subject of a series of vile, homophobic memes. Below are some examples of the meme, which include homophobic slurs.

The memes started with a few that said the child actress ran over gay people at Pride and was happy about it.

"You could genuinely cause so much damage to her reputation and it's weird as f**k".

The memes depicted Brown as a "violent homophobe" and earned thousands of likes and retweets.



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