Adult Danny Torrance Cast in Stephen King's DOCTOR SLEEP

Ewan Mc Gregor and “The Shining”

Ewan McGregor is starring in the upcoming sequel to The Shining! Considering the industry is preparing for the Castle Rock anthology series, It: Chapter 2, a potential Dark Tower TV series and a film adaptation of The Stand, it is a big moment for King's work. The actor has been cast as adult Danny Torrance in "Doctor Sleep", Variety confirms.

Doctor Sleep, Stephen King's sequel to horror novel The Shining, is being made into a movie, and McGregor is taking the lead. McGregor will play the adult version of Danny Torrence, the terrified tot plagued by psychic powers who you probably remember best for screaming "Redrum" while he watched his father descend into a murderous rage.

In the novel, Danny Torrance, the young son of Jack and Wendy Torrance in The Shining, is a grown adult and still dealing with his abilities that he first experienced at the Overlook Hotel.

Doctor Sleep, the sequel to the 1977 book The Shining picks up with Torrance in middle age, still haunted by demons both real and internal. Torrence starts using his gift to communicate with the dying at a local hospice center, and his story takes a turn after he meets a young girl who also has "shining" powers. Flanagan has become a genre favorite over the years with well-received horror efforts like "Oculus", "Hush", and "Gerald's Game".

He can next be seen playing Christopher Robin's eponymous character in the fantasy comedy-drama film of the same name scheduled to be released on August 3, 2018.



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