Microsoft building a game streaming service


We've reached out to Microsoft for an official response to this report.

It also snuck in the game's frame rate and resolution for the Xbox One X - Microsoft's most powerful console ever.

"The world of gaming is on a historic growth path", Spencer said at an Xbox media event ahead of the formal start of the Electronic Entertainment Expo here this week.

Considering how much effort Microsoft has put into backward compatibility, I would expect the Scarlett devices to support current gen games but offer more advanced features and align possibly with Microsoft's upcoming game-streaming services.

We still don't know any specifics about the service, including the all-important price-it doesn't even have a name yet. Viewing the trailer, it seemed motorcycles may have been a new vehicle type added to the game. It has acquired U.K. -based Playground Games and has letters of intent to buy Ninja Theory of Cambridge, U.K.; Undead Labs of Seattle; and Compulsion Games of Montreal.

"There has never been a more exciting time to be part of the gaming industry, with creators large and small showcasing incredible new games for the more than two billion players around the world", said Phil Spencer, head of Gaming at Microsoft. It's likely that Microsoft is working just as closely with AMD's RTG team as Sony to develop its new hardware. The Xbox One X will also be able to run Forza Horizon 4 at 60 frames per second - a first for a Forza Horizon game on consoles.

Playground Games, of course, are on course for Forza Horizon 4's release this year, and are now under Microsoft's watchful eye. Microsoft's new studio, based in California, is called The Initiative.

Unsurprisingly, the game also looks incredible.

Xbox One fans look set to see Gears of War 5 announced during the Microsoft briefing, among other big surprises.

Spencer was not shy in confirming the development of Microsoft's next console, and it's not hard to think that the expansion of first-party developers, renewed partnerships with Japanese developers, and improved background technology aren't meant to pay dividends at all this generation.

"With the ultimate freedom to explore and play over 100 great games, Xbox Game Pass delivers our members an incredible value in gaming".



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