Golden State Warriors Championship Parade

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Warriors general manager Bob Myers and head coach Steve Kerr had some fun at Kevin Durant's expense during Tuesday's Warriors championship parade.

We're going to guess Myers regretted the words the second they fell out of his mouth.

Myers also made it clear that the team will focus mainly on re-signing Durant this offseason. Look at how overmatched the Cavaliers looked against the Warriors the last two years, or how the possible dynasty in Miami died on the vine in 2014 because of a lack of solid role players to surround LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and Dwayne Wade.

Kevin Durant has won back-to-back National Basketball Association championships, two Finals MVP awards and a regular-season MVP, and has nine All-Star appearances. "They're very different, but however you want to rank them, they're right there together". But want him to be happy and want him to know that we want him as long as he wants to be here.

"[The Durant comments were] just for the media, he can't have anything he wants", Myers said.

During Durant's time as a member of the Oklahoma City Thunder, he was the centerpiece of that franchise, leading the league in points scored for five consecutive years from 2010 to 2014. He could sign a max five-year deal in July. But, he confirmed he will remain in Golden State at multiple points during the regular-season and most recently a couple days ago. Following the 2015-16 campaign where Golden State fell short of winning the title, the team understood that the talent on their roster could easily carry them to the playoffs every year.

"Being able to get her message across with some humor and some wit, I think that's pretty special", guard Shaun Livingston said.

Despite the fact that at least two games out of the four-game sweep were extremely entertaining, and despite a plethora of intriguing takeaways spawning from the series, if it means we can move past all the overreactions, let me be the first to join those suffering from Warriors fatigue and say "good riddance" to his year's Finals.



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