Domino's wants to fix crumbling roads to save its pizzas

Domino’s to fill literal potholes to make takeout easier

Domino's Pizza may have bitten off more than they can chew.

It's breaking the internet on Tuesday.Domino's Pizza fixing roads and filling potholes.

Domino's, the largest pizza company in the world by sales, says the repairs will reduce the number of times topping and cheese are pushed to one side after delivery drivers go over a bump.

"Have you ever hit a pothole and instantly cringed?"

Pizza juggernaut Domino's wants to fill potholes in the road like it fills your empty stomach.

"This unique, innovative partnership allowed the town of Bartonville to accomplish more potholes repairs", Bartonville Mayor Bill Scherer said on the Paving for Pizza website. A spokesperson called it "an extremely isolated incident, confined to a single store".

For the creative director of CP+B, the ad agency behind the program, the company's move from mere pizza insurance programs to literal road-paving was a no-brainer.

Are the roads near your house in complete disrepair?

So far, Domino's has made very little dent in that problem: across the four towns they've worked in they've fixed a couple of hundred potholes, but the majority of those were in Athens, Georgia.

A Domino's website is taking nominations for future fix sites. Towns that are selected by the company will receive funds to help fix roads "so pizzas make it home safely".

Customers can nominate their cities on the Domino's website, reports Yahoo Finance.

For the next 12 weeks, Domino's is inviting customers to nominate their local area for a grant on

America's infrastructure needs all the help it can get.



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