BioWare Opens Up On Anthem’s Single-Player Story

BioWare Opens Up On Anthem’s Single-Player Story

That's not exactly a problem, but did mean the once-a-year press conference was a little light on surprises, beyond the heavily-trailed reveal of Bioware's Anthem.

Oddly enough, BioWare has announced in a full cover story with Game Informer that the game will not feature any romantic relationships between players. Thus, Anthem is in the precarious position of making promises about an engaging combination of combat, plot, and endgame progression-a juggle that the Destiny series has fumbled time and time again. For those aching for more Anthem, more footage and information will definitely be cropping up along the week, so make sure to stay tuned for more updates. Thee will still be cosmetic DLC, but zero play to win. The studio also confirmed that whatever interactions players will have with NPCs in zones like Fort Tarsis, those will not include any romances, breaking from the traditions established in the likes of Dragon Age and Mass Effect.

Battlefield V will launch on October 16th for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

The team said the game is getting its own unique "Battle Royale" mode - because of course it is - and promised that it would be a unique spin on the concept. but didn't give any details as to how it was going to set itself apart from games like PUBG or Fortnite.

Federation Internationale de Football Association 19 is getting the European Champions League, which will be incorporated into all the game's main modes, while - perhaps a touch more surprisingly - Federation Internationale de Football Association 18 is getting a patch bringing the World Cup into the game. Respawn offered zero gameplay of this new game on the EA Play stage.



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