Amazon announces Fire TV Cube, a nearly hands-free streaming TV device

Amazon announces Fire TV Cube, a nearly hands-free streaming TV device

Amazon is doubling down on its efforts to dominate your living room. Dubbed the Fire TV Cube, this new product will still let you stream content to your TV in 4K while controlling playback with your voice.

Both Home and Echo are continually listening for commands, though Google and Amazon say nothing gets passed back to them until the speakers hear a keyword - "OK, Google" for Home and "Alexa" for Echo. The device is intelligent enough to use the TV's soundbars instead of its own small speakers while playing music. The company unveiled on Thursday its newest TV streaming device, the Amazon Fire TV Cube - part Amazon Echo smart speaker, part Fire TV. On the top of the six-sided block are manual volume-control and microphone mute buttons that the device shares with the Echo. Echo Look's app will also keep you from wearing one outfit too much. It also supported voice and visual input, though in a more rudimentary form than Alexa's more developed set of skills.

The big selling point, however, is Style Check, which helps you choose between two outfits based on your personal style, current trends, and recommendations from fashion experts with a little help from Amazon's machine learning algorithms. A survey found that Echo owners who use it to make online purchases spend more on Amazon than other regular Amazon shoppers.

Amazon's previously rumored Cube device is now official.

The Fire TV Cube can also control your smart home devices, so you can ask it to turn on your smart lightbulb, or show footage from your smart home camera.

The Fire TV Cube has dual-band Wi-Fi built in but also comes with an Ethernet adapter for a wired internet connection.

Not all of Alexa's capabilities make it onto the Cube.

But that's not the only trick up the Fire TV Cube's sleeve; it incorporates four IR blasters (one in each side) to communicate with all of your A/V equipment.

Whitten said this device was a starting point.

Amazon engineers have been promoting the development of foreign language applications with the release past year of Cleo Alexa, a skill whose primary objective is helping Alexa understand different languages and dialects. "This is something I thought should have existed for a long time".



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