MacOS Mojave brings dark mode, an organized desktop and new Mac Apps

MacOS Mojave brings dark mode, an organized desktop and new Mac Apps

The new version of Apple's mobile operating system will be faster and provides Siri with new powers. In a preview during yesterday's keynote, iOS 12 was teased for its boosts to device performance. The name comes from the Mojave desert in California.

Expect macOS Mojave to be released in the autumn.

Apple also revealed that its MacOS Mojave will battle advertisers tracking users who delete their cookies by using a technique named "fingerprinting", which involves identifying computers by the fonts and plug-ins installed among other configuration details.

Without a doubt, the biggest new feature of Mojave-and certainly the most noticeable-is Dark Mode. yes, after nearly two decades of Mac users requesting it, macOS now offers an official Dark Mode.

This isn't just making your screen or menus darker; you could always do that. Apple also announced another new addition to macOS, a new feature called Dynamic Desktop that automatically changes the desktop wallpaper based on the time of day. The Dark Mode is created to impact nearly every part of the OS including the windows, files, dock, UI, top bar, and even the desktop.

What's new in macOS Mojave? The Google Play Store also offers a glimpse of the app or game in a short video, and the feature was introduced long ago. Click it to expand the screenshot and then mark it up with the number of new markup editing tools provided.

Apple also announced a slew of new iPhone features via iOS 12.

Learn how you can FaceTime with up to 32 people. Luckily for you, this video will demo a lot of them.

MacOS Mojave will feature a Dark Mode for everyone to take advantage of, with Xcode also supporting dark mode functionality. The one I'm most excited about is the company's News app, which is one of the best news aggregators on iOS.

Another feature known as Stacks was demonstrated, a new method for gathering collections of files or apps within single, clickable icons.

Screentime will allow parents to set custom hours for device and app usage, while providing both children and parents with a usage breakdown. It's first phase of this is seen this year with News, Home, Stocks, and Voice Memos being ported.

Craig Federighi, Apple's senior vice president of Software Engineering says, "macOS Mojave is a major update that introduces powerful new features for a wide range of Mac users, from consumers to pros".

There are some big considerations involved, of course. iOS apps aren't used to dealing with trackpads, for example, or all of the varying hardware that the average Mac or MacBook uses.



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