Warriors, Cavaliers say they're not going to White House

Curry switch

The Cavaliers just weren't connected defensively and it allowed the Warriors to get going early with McGee in the first quarter, but to their credit, they were able to weather the storm of the third quarter to give themselves half a chance in the fourth.

But James made sure he clarified what he meant. In 2016, the award went to James for helping Cleveland overcome a 3-1 deficit and win the title in heroic fashion.

"Me? Me being criticized?"

It feels as though this series is already over. "But LeBron James is the best player in the world and obviously if you're Golden State, you're going to go after stuff".

The Cleveland Cavaliers had 16 missed shots off of a LeBron James potential assist in game 2, the 4th most in any game this year by a single passer (regular season and playoffs).

It was unclear, however, whether Iguodala can join Golden State's active roster in time for Game 3 at Cleveland on Wednesday (Thursday in Manila).

The 76ers want him and reportedly are gaining confidence they could sign him. The next two games are in Cleveland, but do we really believe that the change of venue will produce a change in results? You've got to try to pick your team-mate up there.

"We have a great opportunity tomorrow to do that. But the basketball side, I was, like, man it's pretty damn cool that people enjoy the way I play and want me to play with them". "And every team that has won a championship since then has gone through that", Curry said.

The Cavs and Warriors are set to square off in Game 3 of The Finals.

Outspoken Warriors coach Steve Kerr sees Trump's cancellation as part of what he calls, the president's larger plan to divide America. "That's the biggest thing", Kerr said while speaking to reporters on June 5 before the Warriors practiced at The Q.

On the other end, Smith was clearly still feeling the effects of his Game 1 mistake, where he failed to realise that his team wasn't leading in the last few seconds of regulation.

A video of James sitting on the bench stewing after J.R. Smith essentially dribbled out the clock after grabbing an offensive rebound in a tie game went viral.

"Atmosphere is going to be insane", Cavs forward Jeff Green said.

This anniversary edition will also feature a variety of LeBron James-themed extras.

Asked for a comment, Curry later said: "I agree with 'Bron". And they told me, yes. James smiled and shrugged it off.

In fairness to Stephen A., he simply said James would "have a conversation with Boston", while listing him among the suitors. "We're in the NBA Finals". Best team in the league, some of the best players, most accomplished players want me on their team and want what I do, what I bring to the table.

The Cavs are now down 2-0 in the NBA Finals.



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