Sonos announces the Sonos Beam, a soundbar with Alexa built

Sonos Beam

Like all Sonos speakers, Beam is part of the Sonos home sound system, meaning owners have options like adding two Sonos Ones for surround sound, a SUB for more bass, or integrating Beam into their existing Sonos multi-room set-ups.

Sonos today unveiled the Sonos Beam, a smart speaker for your TV that supports over 80 music services, multiple voice assistants, and Apple AirPlay 2. It's really a way for Sonos to tell the world that its gear doesn't care which of the leading digital voice assistants you use-it talks Alexa, Assistant, or Siri.

The Sonos Beam isn't a replacement for the company's soundbar, as previously rumoured, it's something altogether new.

JBL also recently announced its own smart sound bar called the Link Bar, but that device features Android TV as well as Google Assistant, making for a more complete package. At only 25.6 inches long, Sonos Beam won't hang off furniture, block the TV or overwhelm your space. You can't connect the Sonos One to non-Sonos speakers in your home without a Sonos Connect.

Maybe biggest difference with the Sonos Beam compared to the Playbar and Playbase, other than voice control, is that it has an HDMI port rather than an optical port, which allows the Sonos Beam to better control your TV.

The Sonos Beam was the star attraction of today's event, but Sonos also reiterated its committed to working with all voice control assistants. It integrates with Apple's digital-assistant Siri on the Apple devices themselves, rather than on the speaker like Alexa as well as Google Assistant in the future. And to demonstrate how they'll all work together, Sonos's VP of software, Antoine Leblond, gave a pretty cool demo by asking Siri to play a song and then asking Alexa what song was playing...and it worked.

With HDMI ARC support, Beam users will be able to pair their remote and control their television with their voice.

The Sonos Beam will be available from 17 July for £399 ($399) in either white or black.



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