Melania Trump Returns to the Spotlight After 24-Day Absence


First lady Melania Trump, who as of Tuesday has not attended a public event in 26 days, is set to join the president for a hurricane briefing at Federal Emergency Management Agency Headquarters on Wednesday, according to her office.

The last time Melania Trump participated in an official event was on 10 May, when the first couple greeted three former U.S. prisoners who had been released from captivity in North Korea.

In the photo she is seen at the event, held for military veterans on Monday, sat with President Donald Trump.

It started on May 10, when the 48-year-old welcomed home three American detainees released by North Korea with husband Donald.

Mr. Trump joked about all the speculation that his wife had supposedly left him but said she was doing fine, Pike said.

"She looked handsome", said retired Sgt. 1st Class Diana Pike.

Did they miss the part where the first lady spent five days in the hospital?

Mrs. Trump recently underwent a kidney operation to treat a benign condition and has since been absent from public life.

Others offered she may be healing after some secret plastic surgery.

"We're used to our first ladies being out and about", Colbert added later.

Even Trump himself got in on the jokes, making mention of the buzz around Melania's disappearance during his speech to the Gold Star families.

"Without greater detail about her "benign" condition, the public imagination is running wild", Jellison said. In the weeks before, the first lady had organized a state dinner with France and saw her poll numbers rising.

"She's confident in what she is doing and in her role, and knows the rest is just speculation and nonsense".

"For most of the 20th century and certainly in the 21st century, a first lady hasn't had the option of not being a public figure - regardless of unfortunate personal circumstances".

Her first clue that she would be a different first lady came when she made a decision to continue living at Trump Tower after her husband took office in January 2017, citing a desire to maintain stability for her son's schooling. Was she ever coming back?

Probing why Mrs Trump would be a no-show for the marquee meetings, NBC claimed it could be as simple as wanting to avoid post-surgery blood clotting on flights.



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