Here Are All of the iOS Apps on macOS Mojave

Here Are All of the iOS Apps on macOS Mojave

In September 2017, Apple streamlined the Mac and PC iTunes media management tool by removing the iOS App Store, instead asking iOS users to download apps exclusively from their devices.

It was speculated. And true to speculations, there were no hardware announcements at the WWDC, which is Apple's annual conference for developers, this year. But in sharp contrast to previous years, I'm actually far more interested in what Apple is doing with macOS this time around. But there were a ton of OS updates, starting with Apple Watch's watchOS 5. The Stocks app is also getting a massive update with integration of the News app. The contact you've shared it with will receive a notification on their Apple Watch. If you click this thumbnail, it opens in a new Finder-based image editing mode which looks pretty feature-rich. There's also native podcast and background audio support. It will automatically detect when you start a workout and track your activity for you. While macOS already features an optional dark mode it now only applies to the dock and menu bar rather than program interfaces, but Mojave will enable users to darken every part of the OS, including System Preferences, Messages, Mail, Photos, Apple Music and Xcode. What these do is they show you a broken-down view of how much time you spend on your phone and which apps you use the most.

Another new visual feature in Mojave is "Dynamic Desktop", which changes the desktop wallpaper based on the time of day. Plus some features that seem to be lifted straight out of Windows' past, like the Finder Gallery View (from Windows XP) and Stacks (from Windows Vista). Plus you can see all the meta data for your photos in a sidebar. There is also integration with smart home devices and new protection to prevent apps from accessing your information without consent.

Apple shared a preview video of the Xcode on the API that the Mac App Store uses behind-the-scenes was shared by the Steve Troughton Smith with 9to5Mac.

Along with these very visual new upgrades, Apple is also making its Mac platform more secure for its millions of users. Just look at any object through your camera to see its measurements. With Group FaceTime, you can make a group video call comprising of up to 32 people.

Switching your Mac's theme from an overall white theme to something dark and gray is now possible thanks to Dark Mode.

Valve has not responded to the new guidelines yet, but we imagine that the iOS Steam Link app will be released soon enough. This year in March, Apple also launched its educational iPad.



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