Automatic Activity Tracking: Apple Watch Updates Coming in 2018

Apple also may introduce new ways to help people manage their health and assist apps in the use of augmented reality

Apple this morning announced a new set of parental controls for iOS devices at its WorldWide Developer Conference this morning in San Jose. Click on this link watch the official Apple stream live.

Apple has unveiled a new version of the operating system which powers iPhones and iPads.

College students at a handful of campuses including the University of Alabama, University of Oklahoma, and Duke will be able to use their Apple Watch in lieu of a student ID card. Apple is also offering tools to give multiple users a different view of the same digital objects viewed from different angles. For starters, the Watch will now be able to detect when you start an activity, even though you may have forgotten to start one for tracking on the Watch.

The new watchOS 5 will bring an updated Siri watch face, which will now also have sports scores, heart rate data and predictive Siri shortcuts as well.

Apple will be rolling out the watchOS 5 update sometime in the fall months, and will be available for all variants of the Apple Watch Series 3 and the Apple Watch Series 2. That's partly because Siri's technology has fallen behind and it isn't used as much as an always-listening tool like Amazon's Alexa.

APPLE has announced a string of product software updates at its annual developers conference, revealing a new service created to improve our relationship with its beloved products. In April, it poached a top Google executive to spearhead its machine learning and AI efforts, so a preview of Siri improvements could also be on the table.

Last year, the customers of Apple experienced many serious issues in its devices. Users can also block app notifications from showing up on the home screen not only based on time of day, which they can do now, but by location, such as when visiting the playground with their kids.

Apple also may introduce new ways to help people manage their health and assist apps in the use of augmented reality - the blending of digital images and information with a physical setting through the camera.

Apple TV now supports Dolby Atmos for surround sound, and sports more than 100 video channels. Then in March it unveiled a new web page created to help educate parents about existing controls on the phone.



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