Revamped YouTube Music is Google's latest effort to take on Spotify

YouTube pricing

If you like an artist or genre, YouTube Music will put their new singles and albums right on your homepage, so you don't find out about Daughtry's new single months after it came out like me.

The service's Elias Roman commented: "The days of jumping back and forth between multiple music apps and YouTube are over".

On the brighter side, this should help YouTube better both the Music and the Original program catalogs.

The company's focus is on personalization that tries to keep a track on the music a user likes but this time around it is pushing videos to the background.

Under the new pricing system, there is no longer any way to subscribe just to YouTube's premium video content-including the apparently pretty popular original show Cobra Kai- without also getting the streaming music service.

The new YouTube Music app is soft-launching on Tuesday, "and then spread slowly thereafter". The company said it plans to add more Originals, also from other countries, including comedies, dramas, reality series and action adventure shows from the UK, Germany, France, Mexico and other places.

So how does it work?

It's also suggested YouTube's new music streaming option would mean the end of Google Play Music, so we may be saying goodbye to that service next week.

All that's available for free to everyone, with the usual YouTube ad inserts included.

Instead, Google Play Music subscribers will automatically get access to YouTube Music Premium.

YouTube Music is a "reimagined mobile app and brand new desktop player [.] designed for music" according to Google. Over the years YouTube has been the cradle of many content creators and has carved a niche. Spotify is the No. 1 paid streaming service with around 75 million subscribers, and Apple Music recently passed the 50 million mark.

YouTube Music, which will be launched on May 22, comes with extra features like personalized playlists based on individual's YouTube history and other usage patterns, YouTube, owned by Alphabet Inc's Google, said. Google states that Red members "will automatically" receive access to YouTube Premium when it launches.

YouTube appears to have pressed the button on the blog post earlier than expected, after industry pundit Bob Lefsetz published his latest daily letter about a demo of the new service given to him by Cohen.

The new YouTube Music homescreen provides recommendations based on past listening activity.



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