Rapper TI arrested outside his gated community

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T.I., whose real name is Clifford Harris, called the arrest "small potatoes" in comparison to what he's been through in the past.

The guard told police that he initially denied Harris entry into the subdivision because he didn't recognize him.

After T.I. parked his auto at his home, he walked back to try to get James' name, the report said.

T.I. was released on $2,250 bond Wednesday morning.

The guard's version of events paints a different story, however.

T.I.is adamant that the guard was the aggressor and "antagonized" him. He didn't have his key on him and argued with the security guard when he wasn't let in.

The three-time Grammy winner's attorney, Steve Sadow, claimed in a statement to the AP that his client was "wrongfully arrested". The guard told police he felt threatened because T.I. told him he would come back, and he did, so he called police.

He insists he should never have been arrested and explains he got into a "very heated debate" with the security guard because he was allegedly asleep while he was supposed to be working. The officer who arrived on the scene said he smelled "overwhelming" alcohol on the rapper's breath.

His friend, Marquinarius Holmes, 40, of Stockbridge, was arrested on outstanding charges out of Clayton County and for not having proof of vehicle insurance, the sheriff's office told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Rapper T.I. was arrested early Wednesday in Henry County, Georgia, outside Atlanta, according to authorities. It didn't take long for the rapper to be released and his mug shot said that he was anything but stressed about the situation.

According to Tip, his arrest is ultimately a result of calling out his gated community's security guard for sleeping on the job. Tip clearly identified himself and sought entry. He says he gave the guard "every opportunity" to apologize for sleeping, but the guy refused. Tip was in contact with "Tiny" by phone and "Tiny" confirmed that Tip should be let in immediately'. "The guard refused entry".

Aside from being a rapper and actor, T.I.is also a activist involved in local and national social issues.



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