Donald Trump terms some illegal immigrants 'animals'

CNN AP Forced to Correct Stories Saying Trump Called Immigrants 'Animals,' Clarify He Meant MS-13

During the session, Trump suggested that the Mayor of Oakland, California, should be charged with obstruction of justice for warning her constituents in February of an impending large-scale immigration raid and arrests. Later that month, he said in NY that MS-13 "thugs" had "transformed peaceful parks and lovely quiet neighborhoods into bloodstained killing fields" and "they are animals".

Last week, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen reportedly threatened to resign after being berated by Trump for not doing enough to stop illegal immigration.

But while his critics previously called his policy proposals inhumane, these recent words caught on tape display how lowly Trump views those who commit crimes after arriving in the United States illegally.

"The state of California's attempts to nullify federal law have sparked a rebellion by patriotic citizens who want their families protected and their borders secured", Trump said.

Newsom said the president was "cherry-picking a few right-wing electeds from a state of 39 million people". "We're taking people out of the country". "But those are the bad laws the Democrats gave us".

President Donald Trump on Wednesday said some undocumented immigrants "aren't people" but "animals" who will be taken out of the country "at a rate that's never happened before".

Trump said Wednesday that he still wants the Department of Justice to prosecute Schaaf. "Part of the problem that we have is our economy is so strong that people are pouring up to get into our economy".

"They don't want to see another Kate Steinle [incident]", she said of her constituents.

Meanwhile, he is continuing to push for more deportations from the country, including through increased local law enforcement involvement with ICE, even though local officials say that would be counterproductive to other policing efforts. And I'll also tell him that we have the third largest California National Guard base in our city.

"We're willing to see what this looks like", said Rep. Carlos Curbelo, R-Fla., a leader of the lawmakers trying to force the House to address the issue. We're looking to bring them in.

Trump then enthusiastically said: "Please run!" He also famously launched his presidential campaign with a speech in which he said Mexico was sending "rapists", criminals and drug dealers across the border.

In a White House meeting that included the attorney general, Jeff Sessions, House the majority leader, Kevin McCarthy, and top officials from the department of homeland security and the U.S. immigration and customs enforcement (Ice), Trump called the California policy "deadly and unconstitutional".

President Donald Trump has threatened a government shutdown unless Congress hands him more funding for his proposed southern border wall.



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