Tim Cook To Duke University Graduates: 'Think Different, Be Fearless'

Tim Cook To Duke University Graduates: 'Think Different, Be Fearless'

"We reject the excuse that getting the most out of technology means trading away your right to privacy", said Cook, who earned an MBA from Duke.

Sound familiar? For the second time in roughly a month, Cook forcefully took Facebook (ticker: FB) to task for its handling of its members' personal information, cementing a narrative pushed by Apple (AAPL) that juxtaposes its strict privacy approach - and by extension, its business model - with Facebook and other ad-dependent companies that aggressively monetize data.

The comment echoed Cook's earlier criticism of Facebook, which has endured months of criticism after it was revealed that a political data analytics firm, Cambridge Analytica, was able to harvest data for almost 90 million Facebook users. "So we choose a different path, collecting as little of your data as possible, being thoughtful and respectful when it's our care because we know it belongs to you".

"I wouldn't be in this situation", Cook told reporters from Recode and MSNBC in March.

Cook has previously called on the federal government to step in and regulate the social media site. And not at all aligned with the truth'.

"Be the last people to accept things as they are, and the first people to stand up, and change them for the better", Cook said.

'In every way, at every turn, the question we ask ourselves is not, "What can we do?",' he said, 'but, "What should we do"'.

Apple launched a new privacy section on its website past year, in which it boasts about its stance on data protection.

The firm announced in February it was planning to move iCloud accounts registered in China to state-run servers.

Cook told graduates the importance of his time with his mentor, Steve Jobs by explaining them a correct line off thought to achieve greatness, according to Cook the restless refusal of accepting the status quo and its standards its Apple's main drive, making the company one of the most particular, biggest and most importantly influential of these days.

In 2014, meanwhile, hackers were able to access private photographs belonging to celebrities before posting them online. "And no generation has a chance to change things faster than yours can", said Cook to the more than 5,500 students who graduated.



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