Margot Kidder Dies, Aged 69

Margot Kidder dead Superman star playing Lois Lane

News stories about the death of Margot Kidder have of course focused on her fame playing Lois Lane opposite the late Christopher Reeve in four popular Superman movies in the 1970s and 1980s.

She spent the last decades of her life living in Montana and engaging in political activism, including protesting the USA military action in Iraq. Police were called to her home by an unidentified person and when officials arrived, she was 'unconscious and not breathing'. "She was a fighter". She was determined that she was going to be a star. "She was all those things in the same way as (Lane)".

Her cause of death is unknown but is now under police investigation.

"She was courageous about everything", she said. She spoke candidly about her experience afterward and advocated for destigmatizing mental health issues. "There was nothing to be ashamed of". After mending, she started a mental wellness campaign. But that's the not the only role she was popular for.

According to reports, Margot had an estimated worth of $300,000 when she died. She soon went on to appear in several critically acclaimed films, such as "Black Christmas" in 1974, "The Great Waldo Pepper" in 1975 and "92 in the Shade" later that same year. She adored Christopher Reeve, of course, but by that point she was hardly intimidated by him. According to, she supported Jesse Jackson in 1984, became a USA citizen in 2005 to ensure she could vote against George W. Bush, and supported Bernie Sanders last time around. She said living in Livingston was a major reason why. A troubled life, which she overcame through grace. "I'm saying this is the pattern of my life". She got her first movie role in the 1969 movie "Gaily", which led to a starring role opposite Gene Wilder in "Quackser Fortune Has A Cousin in the Bronx" in 1970. She continued to act in many movies and TV shows, most recently the 2017 film "The Neighborhood". Born in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada, Kidder aspired to be an actress as a young girl. He was complicated, very smart, really smart, and he knew he'd done something meaningful. "I just fell in love with her". She helped found Montana Women For, a group dedicated to empowering women.

(File pix) Actress Margot Kidder, appears at the Superman movie reunion at the Warner in Burbank, California, US, May 1, 2001. She was warm hearted, kind, bombastic, and fearless. There also were episodes of freakish behavior, and an auto accident that left her bankrupt and partially paralyzed, People added.

Lois Lane never wavered from her dedication to her job, but she was also very aware of her role as Superman's "girlfriend".

The actress was married three times.

She was 69 years old.

Upon news of her passing, thousands of fans, as well as friends and colleagues of Kidder, took to social media to post their remembrances of the beloved actress-turned-activist. For almost a decade, Kidder brought Lane to the big screen in four "Superman" films opposite Christopher Reeve, who died in 2004. The resulting feud saw her role in 1983's Superman III reduced to a contractual minimum, though that might have been a blessing considering the film, and its derided follow-up.

Kidder had numerous movies' most memorable lines, including "You've got me?!"



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