Google One Is Google's Paid Storage Service

Google One Is Google's Paid Storage Service

Google has renamed its Google Drive storage plans as Google One and added cloud storage plans that offer additional cloud storage space to the users at marginally low costs. Google One will pose a challenger to Apple's iCloud storage with the new pricing. It will also add more versatility for those who opt for the basic free account with 15 GB of storage.

Google One is a new plan that will replace all online Drive storage plans.

Google says it will be upgrading all of its paid consumer Google Drive plans to Google One over the next few months, starting in the United States and rolling out globally.

The company also announced changes in the tariff plans of the service. It should be noted that the change doesn't affect G Suite business customers.

Google One is Google's revamped consumer storage option.

So essentially, your Google Drive paid storage plan will now be called Google One. The company will be sending users an email when the plans become available in Malaysia, prices might vary when it releases here. Google gives you 15GB of storage for free, but if you want more space, you have to pay up. Additionally, Google One improves upon the Drive experience in another key area: service. All 1TB plans at $9.99/month will be upgraded to 2TB plans free of charge, meaning there's no more 1TB plan. For the unaware, the Google Drive paid plans in India start at Rs 130 per month for 100GB, and the 30TB storage option is priced at Rs 19,500 per month. Thanks to mobile phones, and new file formats like 4K video and high-res photography, people are storing more than ever before. Users will also gain access to extras like Google Play credits and deals on select hotel bookings found in Search.

Moving forward, you will also have the ability to talk about your storage quota around five relatives. Google says they will add more benefits over time.

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