Australian police find 7 dead with gunshot wounds

Chris Dawson

Police forensics investigate the death of seven people in a suspected murder-suicide in Osmington, east of Margaret River, south west of Perth, Australia Friday, May 11, 2018.

"He's just gone, "Right, I can't kill myself, I can't live any more, so this is it for me, but I need to take out everyone with me because that will fix the whole problem"."

Katrina Miles with her four children.

"It appears that gunshot wounds are there, but I don't want to go further than that as two firearms have been located", Dawson said.

A family of seven were found dead with gunshot wounds Friday at a rural property in Margaret River. They all resided at the property, he said.

Confirming suggestions of a murder-suicide, Dawson added: "I wish to strongly emphasise that police do not believe any other person is involved in these crimes".

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Peter Miles is believed to have made a 5am telephone call to police before turning a gun on himself. "I think he's been thinking this through for a long time", Aaron Cockman, speaking for the first time since the tragedy, told reporters.

The entire family had all been shot by firearms licensed to grandfather Peter Miles, who was among the dead.

Police discovered the bodies of the four children and three adults soon afterwards at the farm at Osmington, south of Perth in Western Australia.

Margot Edwards is a Margaret River writer.

He then turned the gun on his wife in the living room of their house, before placing a triple-0 call to police alerting them to his crimes.

Police have said they are not looking for any other suspects.

Authorities have not publicly identified the deceased, but a family friend told the Australian Broadcasting Corp. that the seven victims were Peter and Cynda Miles, their daughter, Katrina, and Katrina's four children.

"It's still very early in this investigation, but based on what we do know, this is clearly a tragedy".

The shooting is understood to be the worst in Australia since the massacre in 1996 at Port Arthur, Tasmania, in which a lone gunman killed 35 people and seriously injured 23 others.

Katrina, pictured, was described by mates as a mum who labored tirelessly for her youngstersFbWho was Peter Miles?

Haynes told 9 News that over the years, Cynda Miles had become a beloved member of the small community.

"It's the sort of stuff you read about in papers that happens somewhere else, not in our own community, and that's going to take some time to get over", he said.



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