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Android P Rollout on Android TV Brings New Features and Upgrades

"I'll make you an appointment and update you soon".

Before you give it a try, a word of caution: You probably don't want to install this update on your primary device.

During its developer conference on Tuesday, Google discussed new functions in the next version of Android (code-named Android P) that will help users become more aware of which apps they use most and to improve their "digital wellbeing".

According to Google, Duplex is a "new technology for conducting natural conversations to carry our "real world" tasks over the phone".

Tap on the menu icon in the top left corner of the display, locate the Google Assistant subheading and then select More settings. One of the most exciting things was the inclusion on non-Google devices for the first time.

OK, Google. Thanks for saving us from you.

The Google Assistant provides a central voice interface for the vehicle that allows drivers to control in-car functions such as air conditioning, and use apps to play music and send messages.

Google's also opening its AI features more to developers. The same sorts of inputs will be used in Maps' new match score, which will predict how much you will like a particular destination and is created to help make picking between multiple destinations easier. Another shortcut to enter the split screen mode is to hold down the recent apps button in the navigation bar but it too doesn't work anymore in Android P Beta.

Google has separately also announced a new Android TV dongle intended for developers at I/O this year. Today's report suggest that the new Google Lens app is moving into the native Camera app of your Android device. A new Dashboard shows you how the user is spending time on the device, including time spent in apps, how many times the phone is unlocked and how many notifications received.

Finally, the Google Assistant home speaker now has a "pretty please" feature that rewards words like "please" when people ask it to do things. "With a combination of smooth software and powerful hardware, the OnePlus 6 is primed to get you started on Android P". That's the sort of light that can keep you up at night.



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