Gmail's getting an AI-powered Smart Compose feature for faster emailing

Gmail's getting an AI-powered Smart Compose feature for faster emailing

Last year, we introduced Smart Reply in Gmail to help you quickly reply to incoming emails. But at the Google I/O conference Tuesday, Google introduced a new tool that could help save you time and stress: Smart Compose.

It reminds us of Google search's auto-complete function; it suggests sentences for you to add to your emails. Smart Compose builds on a feature Gmail introduced a year ago called Smart Reply, which is created to speed up response time when you're replying to messages.

Using the latest AI, Gmail will be able to understand what you are typing and fill in full sentences before you can finish writing.

The new feature will start rolling out for regular users in the coming weeks.

"You may see a new photo creation that plays with pops of color". It should minimize the possibility of grammatical or spelling mistakes. Otherwise, you can ignore and continue to type as usual. If you're a consumer, go to the settings gear and click "Try the new Gmail". Smart Compose will also offer relevant contextual phases such as "Have a great weekend" if it is Friday. While AI and email are still a bit of a privacy concern, the new features could ease users into some level of trust in exchange for added convenience.

Users must then access the General tab in the settings menu, and scroll down and enable "experimental access".

You can also report an email as a phishing scam by clicking on the dropdown menu, marked by an arrow, in the righthand corner.

Interestingly, this isn't the first AI-powered reply service that Google has brought to Gmail on the web recently.



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