HIGH ALERT WhatsApp users! Beware of spam message 'Don't Touch Here'

HIGH ALERT WhatsApp users! Beware of spam message 'Don't Touch Here'

Moreover, there are many buggy messages that can easily crash WhatsApp messaging app on the Android. It won't cause any data loss, it won't force your device to reboot, and it won't prevent you from closing the app and opening it again.

Another message reads as follows - "If you touch this black dot then your WhatsApp will hang" and also includes a downward pointing finger at a dot.

Why it does this is due to the nature of the message; it contains symbols that WhatsApp doesn't yet recognise, and is therefore invisible to the user.

Apart from this, WhatsApp recently rolled out sticker album for its Beta Users. You may have already come across it and wondered how just tapping on a single emoji can cause an app to freeze and become unresponsive. For this situation you have to keep an eye out for a dark dot in the center of a WhatsApp message, however, evidently, the bug message isn't generally so natural to spot. When a user taps on message, the hidden symbols expand, that causes the app or the phone to go down. Other than those two, advertisement messages have flooded WhatsApp with the growing popularity of the medium.

On clicking this message, it can hang your smartphone and you will not be able to see anything on your display for some time. In some cases, as mentioned, these bugs may crash the complete Android or iOS system, after which you may need to restart your device, as reported by a Reddit user. WhatsApp itself has yet to make any comment on the bug or issue a patch to protect against it, so we can't yet be sure about exactly what's going on.

To avoid the problem simply do not click on the message and delete it immediately.

WhatsApp is the world's most popular messaging app because of the premium features that it offers.

In light of reports throughout the end of the week, a few varieties of the message appear to do the rounds, so we can't let you know precisely what to search for.



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