Why Christina Aguilera won't return to 'The Voice'# 'S's about the Tunes'

Why Christina Aguilera won't return to 'The Voice'# 'S's about the Tunes'

"You realize it's not about music". However, she admitted that her experience in the succeeding seasons after the first one was not as good as she thought they would be.

"I didn't get into this business to be a television show host and to be given all these [rules]", Christina told the publication.

She is back! Today Christina Aguilera makes her return to the music world, doing so with a contagious new effort entitled "Accelerate". She'll be dropping "Liberation", her first new album in six years, in June and then embark on her first tour in a decade.

"I was longing for freedom", she shares. The last minute of the track has Christina bringing the tempo down even further in an nearly breathy, post-sex kind of way as she repeats "ooh ooh ooh / ooh ooh ooh" and ends with hypnotically pretty, harmonised falsetto runs that fans may be feel are similar to songs like "Sex For Breakfast" from "Bionic". "Something like that to get me out of that zone, that TV mode".

She also dished that as a female, she would have loved to express herself through her clothing and makeup but on TV, she was restricted on the things that she was able to wear and was even limited on the things that she was allowed to say. "I'm sorry I struggle accepting the beauty that lies in myself".

Christina then begins talking about her past and gets emotional while recounting how her mom gave up her dreams to be with her father. The questions that see her as a pop singer, Aguilera responds calmly: "In the end, I work in the genre of soul". The Voice provided a cushy job that let her and her family stay in one place. However, she is happy to be out of here and back in the studio now.

The 11-song album has already pre-released two songs for just a taste of the singer's new direction. This marks her first album since 2012's "Lotus".

Christina Aguilera has always been a fighter, and now she's giving fans a peek behind the armor in a revealing short film detailing the inspiration for her forthcoming album Liberation.



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