Samsung Galaxy X Date and price Expectation

Samsung Galaxy X Date and price Expectation

Instead of completely redesigning the handset as was rumored, Samsung instead elected to put out an iterative update that looked and felt a lot like the Galaxy S8 from a year earlier.

What feature are you hoping to see on the Galaxy S10?

Apparently, Samsung is internally calling the Galaxy S10 "Beyond".

In the same line, "Beyond" has something to do with the Galaxy S10 boasting of abilities which are beyond anything on the market at the moment.

The latest report also mentions that the company has informed FOD companies that it's going to introduce an in-display fingerprint sensor with the Galaxy S10. We are not sure though that Samsung Galaxy S10 will be the first Samsung phone with in-display fingerprint or not.

If you recall, the Galaxy S9 bowed at MWC this year, and Samsung has a habit of saving something big for that trade show.

Koh Dong-Jin, Samsung's chief executive, confessed that there are plans for the Galaxy X cell phone during CES 2018 earlier this year, but he also said: "it's hard to talk about the release date now".

Coming to the features of the phone, an in-display fingerprint sensor is expected.

It's a fair bet that the Galaxy S10 will feature a new iteration of Qualcomm's Snapdragon chip, most likely the Snapdragon 855. Maybe the front camera would have an upgrade to it. Tests from across the Digital Trends office led to some - er - fairly disturbing uncanny valley creations.

Galaxy S10 Specs: What are the latest Galaxy S10 rumours? It's not unusual to hear reports suggesting that Samsung might launch its next flagship smartphone ahead of schedule.

Are we fools for expecting Samsung to stick to its previous release schedule?

The screen could be the most important novelty for users, since it would double in half, using the flexible OLED screens that the company has implemented in different generations of Galaxy S and Note phones, with some improvements.



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