Charged: Garrett Klumb accused of sexually assaulting child under age 12

Charged: Garrett Klumb accused of sexually assaulting child under age 12

Police said while one of the accused is a 17 year-old engineering student, the other is in a 16-year-old polytechnic college. She told detectives she'd been beaten and assaulted by two men in a auto she thought belonged to a ride-sharing company, according to the Sheriff's Office Monday. It was in front of the Safeway in Sonoma where she was spotted walking alone just before 5 a.m. Saturday.

The woman told authorities she had been drinking at Bruno's Bar and had ordered a vehicle from a ride-sharing company to pick her up, before the bar closed. When asked, the child revealed that two of her cousins, both minors, sexually assaulted her when she visited their home.

A vehicle description can not be provided at this time and it's not clear if it was actually the ride-sharing company that picked her up.

The woman was able to get away but had visible injuries to her face and neck.

Likewise, little was released about the suspects, but the victim said they spoke a language she did not understand.

It is alleged that the man, who can not be identified to protect the identity of his daughter, the alleged victim, was in a relationship with her mother for some time, but that has now ended. The sheriff's office is asking anyone who finds the items or has additional information about the alleged crimes to contact detectives at 707-565-3941.



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