Priyanka Chopra stars alongside Claire Danes, Jim Parsons in new trailer

Priyanka Chopra stars alongside Claire Danes, Jim Parsons in new trailer

The trailer of A Kid Like Jake reveals the struggles encountered by a young couple as they discover the various difficulties of parenting Jake, a four-year-old child who like to dress up as princesses and loves fairy tales. He is fascinated more by fairytales than the toy-cars and is intrigued to know, "why boys can't wear a skirt". This obviously confuses his parents and they aren't sure how to deal with Jake's preferences. The film also stars Amy Landecker, and Ann Dowd. The script of A Kid Like Jake is penned by Daniel Pearle who has written a play with the same name. It revolves around little Jake who prefers Cinderella over G I Joe and the nuances and complexities that come along with it.

Claire Danes and Jim Parsons play Brooklyn couple in A Kid Like Jake. When the school counselor, Judy (Octavia Spencer), suggests they play up Jake's "gender expansive play", they begin to question if playing up Jake's differences will, well, make him feel different. The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January in this year. She posted photos of herself with her co-actors on her Instagram profile. The movie was first screened at the Sundance Festival, where it received positive reviews. "Please let me tell you right now, these are not some Priyanka Chopra movies, these are just very interesting parts which I have done in two really unbelievable films with some wonderful actors". The actress, after all, has only about a three-second appearance in the trailer.



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