Google Might Be Testing iPhone X-Style Gestures in Android P


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Given how early we are into the Android P Developer Preview timeline, Google has yet to reveal many details about its latest OS - especially about its design. Instead, it's rendered in the old hollow style. And who squished the home button into a pill?

Every time any of these updated OS versions reaches a user's device, the update also increments the "Android security patch level" in the phone's settings section to the respective month and year of the Google Android security bulletin they have implemented patches for.

According to Stephan Hall from 9to5Google (h/t ArsTechnica), it's '100%' gesture navigation. But the recent application or multitasking button has disappeared. However, more clues are beginning to swirl around the World Wide Web as to what changes we can expect to see in the next version of Google's mobile OS, and it looks like the company behind the software may have just leaked a feature that's now in testing. The testing of the fresh layout for the navigation bar is under the working condition and the new iPhone X is planning to launch this feature now. It shows the new navigation bar and its features. Since we don't want whoever wrote uploaded the image to feel too guilty, that's support for DNS over TLS, if that means anything to you.

Based on what we saw on the first screenshot, Google has completely revamped the navigation bar in Android P which is speculated to be called the "Popsicle" and it is a major change when compared to the 8.1 Oreo.

The new version of the Android operating system P must acquire a very comfortable new. It is also said that a gesture-based navigation helps to allow the user to shrink the navigation bar. Nor am I convinced it should replace the traditional navigation bar.

This isn't the first time we've seen evidence that gesture navigation is on its way. With Google I/O coming up in a few weeks, it likely won't be long until this mystery is resolved.



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