Fortnite servers down - Epic Games reveal 'critical failure' has hit Battle Royale

However, Epic Games has not released a statement on this.

As with many other games this generation, Fortnite lets those with the PS4 Pro choose between frame rate and visual quality. It was clear that Epic had quite the issue on its hands, and the whole time, it wasn't able to give an ETA on when the servers would be back up. Apparently the outage has been caused by a "database failure", which has been preventing logins across all of Epic's services including its games, its websites, and its launcher.

The biggest game in the world right now is "Fortnite", with tens of millions of people playing monthly. We'll update you once it's resolved! "When a character is eliminated there is no blood or gore they simply disappear from the game".

Included in this update is a new Replay System that will save your matches so that you can replay them after.

Australian Apple customers have also jumped on-board the game.

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The title, which was developed by US-based Epic Games, began experiencing problems on Wednesday.

"Parents should watch the game as their kids play it, or play it themselves before giving permission for the kids", he says.

As of Thursday afternoon, the game was online again.

Adjustments have also been made to the recently added Guided Missile weapon, reducing its movement speed and maximum turn rate. Epic Games will soon disclose more about this particular issue and how they are progressing with the same.

Fortnite overtook PUBG as the most popular game on Twitch recently, but it's overwhelming success appears to have had a heavy toll on the game's back end.



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